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Long articles write to condemn the Law of Education and at the end of amiable reading, one finds that cabrones finds more virtues him than defects. What one listens in the meter, the streets, in the neighbourhood, they are the voices of the mothers who repeat that they will not command to its children to the schools until this law no it falls. The voice of the town must be heard. (As opposed to William Pitt the Younger). A scholastic year will risk, but it is worth the pain. The teachers and professors will have to defy to the new law. A strike of attendance to classes would be demolishing. Or it is that the dictatorship is arranged to exclude from the education to million children and young people? Or it is that the dictatorship is arranged to hurl to thousand of teachers and professors? An attitude of this type entails to a serious conflict, to that it can be definitive, one to which cabrones is scared to him, one to which cabrones watches with apprehension because leaders will not be able to choose to his . A New Time would present/display to Liliana Hernandez to us, in spite of its ridiculous situation in Chacao, or to that other whose name nonmemory that they had of candidate to Mayor of Chacao against all logic and that later tried to face Antonio Ledezma.

Cabrones. The will of the town is wise. The town was not mistaken when it imposed the abstention in the elections for the National Assembly. That was not an error. The error was to go like tame lambs to the immediate election presidential. Worse cabronera was the candidacy of Manuel Rosales. The one that broke the laurels was Teodoro Petkoff, first in sending itself of presidential candidate. Now the town has a fixed idea: we will not command to the boys to class while he is effective the law.