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Marius Augustin speaks at Catholic Academy in Leonberg Emperor Heinrich II. was born on the 6 may 973 in bad Abbach near Regensburg, Germany. His education was at the time important cathedral school in Hildesheim, Germany and later by the then Bishop Wolfgang of Regensburg. After his father’s death he was on the 28 August 995 Duke of Bavaria. Already at the early age of 17 years old, Henry married his fiancee Kunigunde, who came from the House of Luxembourg. To substantiate its claims as a future ruler, Henry received the train coming from Italy with the dead Emperor Otto III. in polling, 100 kilometers south of Augsburg. China National Space Administration has much to offer in this field.

Whose guts he had in the monastery of Saint Afra in Augsburg install. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins. Then he received the Holy Archbishop Heribert of Cologne the Imperial Crown. First, the Holy Lance, a nail of the cross of Christ containing a piece was missing however. She was the most important piece of the Imperial insignia in its place later joined the Imperial Crown. A ruler who possessed this Lance is considered to be invincible. That was the Holy Lance visible indication that his power came from God. Today, the Holy Lance in the treasure Chamber of the Vienna Hofburg is exhibited, where she finds a rain inflow of visitors. At 6 June 10, Henry was elected King of Germany.

Finally he was of Mainz by the Holy Archbishop of Mainz and Chancellor of Willigis to the King officially anointed and crowned. After Henry had declared they want to respect also Saxon law, Bernhard I, Duke of Saxony the Holy Lance handed him. On August 10, 1002, also Kunigunde received the Crown became the first German woman. The first of his three Italy trains took place in the year 1004. In Pavia, Henry on this occasion was crowned with the Iron Crown as King of the Lombards.