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Jenishbek Nazaraliyev was born May 8, 1961. His name means – Winner. In Russian – George-Victorious. "Dr. Life", "man in black", "icebreaker" – the so-called man in the world, has openly declared that heroin addiction and alcoholism is treatable. He graduated from the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute with a "doctor – a psychiatrist." His hobbies are knowledge creation, professional development, and Integral Yoga ShriAurobindo.

His hobby – professional photo, gornye skiing, swimming in the icy mountain water marathon. Absolutely not drink alcohol. His vocation – treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Nazaraliyev Jenishbek Bolsunbekovich – Doctor medical sciences, professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, president of the Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev, a member of the World Federation for Mental Health wfmh (Los Angeles, USA) National Coordinator of the republics of the cis Regional Office of the International Council on Alcohol and Drug Addiction (lCAA, Lausanne, Switzerland). Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev worked for twenty years. During this time, have been treated over 15,000 patients with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Dr. Life (so called jb Nazaraliev the people) a psychiatrist by training, a scientist by vocation, one of the leading experts of modern School of Addictions. The results of his research were published in 70 scientific papers, their originality and scientific innovation confirmed the 10 th patent. Scientific data, jb Nazaraliev presented at international congresses, symposia and conferences in 20 countries. For several years, Dr. Life has studied the experience of Great Britain, Holland, usa, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya, China and many other countries. He talked with Indian leaders tribes, and attended the sessions of hypnosis in the Himalayas , searching pieces of ancient civilization and meditating on the waters of the Ganges. But not to acquire the glory of the great traveler, J. Nazaraliyev sought to explore the world experience in treating drug addiction and to perfect his method of treatment. Numerous experiences were the basis of his book "Deliver and forgive." Currently, it is translated into Kyrgyz, Ukrainian and English languages, expected to complete its translation into Turkish and Chinese.