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Jesuits, Dominicans, and Franciscans, respectively, they taught and cultivated the suarismo, thomism and scotism. The unity of method and common recurrence to Aristotle in the most problematic issues not unify the different orientation of these currents. Metaphysics, dialectic, natural philosophy, ethics and natural theology, are the subject of speculation by a group of thinkers, such as Jose de Urbina, Jeronirno Marcos, Mateo Mimbela, etc. (v. bibl..). Interest in natural science and botany, coupled with a weakening of the religious spirit that permeated the previous thought, characterized the second half of the s.

XVIn, which is implanted, at the initiative of Viceroy Guirior, a new curriculum (1774) developed by Moreno and Escandon on new ethical concepts and, above all, methodological. Appears, as elsewhere, the false conflict between faith and reason (v. reason ti;) Revelacton IV). Feijoo, Wolf and the scientists of the time are the encouragement of thinkers like Francisco Jose de Caldas and Jose Felix of Restrepo, in that misleading controversy. At the beginning of century XII, in the years following independence, spreads in C., as in other countries of Latin America (ARGENTINA V MEXICO v. saw, etc.), the enthusiasm for positivism (v.) a. Comte (v.), which, together with the utilitarianism of Bentham (v.), gives rise to a type of positivist philosophy, as represented, e.g., by Ezequiel Rojas.

At the same time there is a strong resurgence of the perennial, and realistic philosophy that relies on Balmes (v.) and school of Louvain neo-Scholasticism (v.); at the same time positivism is moderated by influence of Spencer (v.), whose philosophy is more compatible with the religious dimension of thinking. S. 20th part of this situation, and the philosophical overview that we find is not susceptible to systematize, at least for the moment. J. V. Velez Correa classifies Colombian philosophical production of our century in three broad groups: to) various thinkers, with more or less originality, ranging from the staff conception of evolutionism of Luis Lopez de Mesa until the nadaismo”(eg., Gonzalo Arango), current that emerges, apparently, of Existentialism and faces with civilization and order established, claiming freedom of the new man.

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On the other hand, the future nor can be changed, as it cannot be changed so that does not already exist. The future is an extension of the past that begins in the present. A leading source for info: J. Craig Venter . Memories, routines, successes, failures, dreams are some of the parameters that make up the identity, which is be individual or collective. This essence in her interact with the environment becomes a perspective of reality more or less certain, since the information is never complete; pop-ups are difficult to anticipate; they are not in the research journals, do not exist while I write this article, but it may be when publish it. The truth is that we look at reality from particular systems of interpretation and the information we collect depends on the cognitive network from where we look at it.

The reality is comprised of what fits into our network of meanings, what is outside it, first must be accepted as Active Trainer and participant element of the aforementioned network, to be then accepted as reality. Based on this postulate, all from our viewpoint staff observe the world, relate it with our being and on that basis we build. Nowhere there then get to where, there is no point whatsoever to reached; because the future is not forward, but in our eyes, in our paradigms, in indicators trainers of the tool with which we will build that pending that doesn’t exist yet: our Vision. The Vision is not, therefore, the prediction of the future, but the unifying element, the concept that moves the crane motor of the future, the symbol that exerts its hegemonic power on the isolated data, weaves together them and makes them walk. It is finally, a present in the future you have to build, and from which shall be our Vision of the more beyond.

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Madrid is a totally cosmopolitan city, so education is a very important factor. Every day more people can be found in the city looking for a good vocational training Madrid. Hawaii State Department of Education recognizes the significance of this. Since childhood, the children of the city of Madrid receive training which is instilled in them that education is the basis so that the city can remain pioneer worldwide. Many private schools Madrid are making agreements with public schools in order to be able to increase the quality of education every day in the city of Madrid. It is no secret that the quality of education in the city of Madrid is quite high and this is why that even thousands of people travel to the city from other destinations, both domestic and international, in order to be able to pursue their studies in the capital of Spain. There is a programme of the libraries in the city that receives the name of fp Madrid.

This program attempts to close all private schools and public schools in order to make that young people studying in the city increase their knowledge. The quality of education in many schools of Madrid is based in education based on the experiences, which intends that the students can have a training not only theoretical, but also practical on all areas of knowledge who wish to. Teachers in schools, colleges and universities of Madrid, regardless of whether they are public or private, must go through annual checks to verify that all educators always are in actual conditions of ability to be able to spread their knowledge to all students who are trying to train professionally in the city of Madrid. No matter what type of career wish to study, young people in the city of Madrid have the possibility to choose between various universities of great quality and also, varied training programmes that are able to meet the educational needs. It is a secret that studying in Madrid makes the chances of finding a good job in the future grow significantly in comparison to people who receive one no education in any other city or province of Spain. If you have the possibility to find a possibility of great quality to study and grow safely her future, think that in the city of Madrid the possibilities that you can grow and find a future prosperous. Source: Madrid, the city of formation

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From thousands of years ago, movements for reasons religious devotion have been present in humanity. But increasingly are more travellers who are pointing at spiritual tourism, very booming fashion lately. Millions of people take beyond their religious beliefs traveling to cities sacred as the Vatican on Fatima in Portugal, Santiago de Compostela in Spain, or Italy. The sacred city of Fatima is one of the best-known in the world. Located to the North of Portugal, this was protagonist of the miracle of our Lady Fatima. The story that in 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherds in the area in the Cova would be, where a small chapel was erected in his honor: the chapel das Aparicoes.

After the first occurrence, the Virgin returned to appear over the next 5 months, until in October it happened last in the eyes of 70,000 pilgrims. Since that time, Fatima became a Holy City and a few years later, in 1928, built the center of worship most important of the country, a huge basilica of neo-Baroque style. It is estimated that each year pass by there more than seven million visitors. With the passage of time, built a huge square to bring together the thousand faithful who congregate on special dates. There are several interesting museums to visit in the city of Fatima: the crib Museum and village of Bethlehem cartoon, the Fatima Wax Museum, the Museum of sacred art and Ethnology of Fatima and the 1917 apparitions Museum.

On the other hand, for those travelers who want to know better the events of 1917, the city offers guided tours through the sanctuary and the Basilica, where is explained more thoroughly everything that happened. Each year the night of May 12 produces the greater pilgrimage to the city of Fatitma, where thousands of the faithful congregate in the plaza of the Church with candles in hand to pay homage to the Virgin. Once in the Basilica, a huge bonfire where melt the candles of the pilgrims is turned on. Would you like to know the city of Fatima? Take the first flight to Portugal and rented an apartment in Lisbon. Daily excursions are organized from the Portuguese capital to the Holy City. Do not miss it!