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Mittweida 15 media forum opens its doors to the media world MDR artistic director Udo Reiter at Mittweida 15 Media Forum on 14 and 15 November 2011. See more under the motto. understand more. invite numerous workshops, panel discussions and lectures on the Mittweida campus to the intense exchange of opinions and experience. Credit: Anne Wyllie-2011. The mixture of fresh ideas, commitment and current topics makes Germany’s largest media Congress organised solely by students, a real experience.

The organization team pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Udo Reiter, Director of the MDR, the media forum as the first speakers. Professor Reiter has decisively shaped the public television in Germany over the past decades. With his experience and understanding of the media industry it is an enrichment for our Congress”, so producer Christina Walther. About 100 students of the Faculty of media of the University of Mittweida are jointly responsible for the quality and the smooth running of the media forum. Combined with the professional Competence of the speakers results in a unique event in the heart of Saxony. The 17 media night forms the climax of the two-day event on November 15. This evening excellent multimedia productions and student performing arts to a thrilling live show join together in the television studio of the College. In the enclosed information folder, as well as on our Web site at for more information.

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It all depends on proper technique – how to properly use overhead transparencies! Do you know this situation? The work phase in the classroom has worked without any problems and the results on the overhead transparencies are content and thematically correct. Yet no right discussion come up at the talks and the motivation for the students to present the topic, flies slowly. Trigger for the problems of overhead slides is often the wrong handling of the illustrative material. Often the right rules are missing students, to create stimulating discus ions using overhead transparencies. Students follow these simple rules to create the overhead film and the subsequent presentation, the rest works almost alone: a brainstorming within your group perform before the caption of the overhead slide or jot down before on an anonymously, which is on the slide. Make sure that the content of your film on your topic really picks up and stay here not digress! Use a legible font size do not write to small. Note the uppercase and lowercase on the foil and use only uppercase letters, because all caps can be harder to read.

Set on a few, meaningful keywords for the overhead slide set you. Using a muted color to write and is a luminous, to underline important. Create the overhead clear and structured can slide it on the slide, for example, using a mind map or be done also by the numbering of the main points. Be sure to avoid spelling mistakes on the slide. Support and reinforced the statements on the overhead slide by a graphic or a photo.

Speaking when presenting the overhead slide slowly, clearly, and as free; a key word list is always fine! Do you already when preparing the future overhead slide and consider how you can make them answered. Power to build and install questions for the audience. As with all presentations is should the presentation with overheads the first commandment: the accuracy of the subject matter. Presentation means a presentation”and comes from the Latin. The possibility of providing overhead transparencies is you can represent with transparencies so that your day can be shows, better understood and well internalized. Task of an overhead slides presentation is in the essential issues easier to understand to make, to motivate and to stimulate discussions. Find other helpful products and articles at LEHRERkauf.de. LEHRERkauf offers a wide selection of different inkjet film, copy laser films and printing films. Overhead transparencies for inkjet printers: inkjet films are ideal for school and the profession, crystal clear slides for impressive overhead presentations in color. Overhead transparencies of product properties: foil prints transparencies (ink printing slides, copying films, writing films), also in color for presentations, statistics, graphics. Overhead transparencies Description: A specially coated inkjet film (universal film) for the creation of professional presentation slides for teaching. Through the coating, the ink dries quickly and is immediately after printing smudge-proof. Bright bold colors are the result of the special coating. Also available with removable paper stripe on the short side. Online-shop LEHRERkauf educational materials for teachers, professors, and teaching others from the range: chalk holders chalk overheads inkjet films – print printer films – copying – ink printing films, films for their copiers, laser – or inkjet printer slide pins

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What experience children and young people in social networks? Symposium of LJS in the 31 08.2011 already Hanover booked, 26.07.2011. Educators and professionals of the youth work in Lower Saxony have a significant need for information with regard to the online activities of children and young people. In the Centre are the friendships and profiles on social networks. Protection of minors stating the high number of logons to a symposium of the Regional Office on August 31, 2011. Under the title Facebook and co”will deal with the activity of young people in social networks and the tasks of protection of minors and media education. About 250 applications already in the holiday month July document, teachers, and professionals from youth work how important it is, to know about the social network”, says Andrea head the country urban, youth protection, Lower Saxony, Germany. In the academic and extracurricular youth work: who wants to talk to young about Facebook and co., should know the social networks of their own practice.

Here we want with our Meeting set on”, said Eva Hanel, media relations officer at of LJS. The Symposium of the LJS starts victories over the performances of young people in the social network portals with a lecture by Dr. Dagmar Hoffmann of the University. After Christa Gebel from the JFF in Munich presents a new investigation in the young people represent their way of dealing with privacy and personality rights. In group discussions and individual interviews it is clear: young people want to protect their personal data though, but hardly anyone knows the privacy on Facebook, SchulerVZ, Flickr and YouTube. In various workshops the participants have opportunity to create their own profiles on Facebook and SchulerVZ in the afternoon and be with new applications such as Geocaching”, the interactive treasure hunt, familiar. Moreover, there is opportunity to create your own mobile video.

Finally the LJS on a panel discussion the question after the control capabilities of the social Web”. Heidrun Kofahl Langmack is administered by the NDS. Ministry of Social Affairs along with Martin Drechsler go by the voluntary self-regulation of multimedia (FSM) and Jens Wiemken, media educator at of LJS in the question whether a controlling protection of minors in social media is possible, and that is the role of the media in the future. About the LJS landing site parental Lower Saxony is a specialist unit of the Working Group of the free welfare in Lower Saxony, Germany and works on current issues of child and youth protection. Our fields of activity are training, material developments, expert advice, projects, working groups and committees. About a report on the meeting, we are pleased and invite you to the meeting. You will find here the programme of the Conference. Please register shortly by phone or mail if you are interested. Symposium of the LJS on August 31, 2011 in the pen of Stephen, Kirchstrasse Holme 49, 30625 Hannover, 09: 30 17:00. Press contact: Andrea urban / Eva Hanel, Landesstelle parental Lower Saxony Shanthi Raghavan Road 26, 30175 Hannover, Tel. 0511-85 87 88,,.,

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At least call the 120 workshop participants of the last 6 months the showroom of the colour connection GmbH, more than 250 unusual and creative print products, realized almost always in small quantities from 1 copy, wait for curious, creative people in the graphic industry. There for example: wood cards, plastic business cards printed mailings from aluminium composite material, booklets with 3 mm thick grey cardboard envelope, relief printing, hot foil stamping, display and decorative fabrics, or 1 mm thick laid paper, cards from sheet metal or 1.4 mm thick beer felt, shape die cut stickers, cards and fobs, printed corrugated cardboard, acrylic glass, adhesive skins, chrome paper, light and hard foam displays, stretcher and, and, and… Get more background information with materials from FASEB Journal. Always realized without expensive printing or dies, fully digital and yet exceptionally stylish. The showroom is located in the premises of the colour connection GmbH, conveniently, the source of inspiration is opened in Frankfurt am Main, Hanauer Landstrasse 523 Monday to Friday from 9: 00 until 18:00. Others who may share this opinion include Vanderbilt Peabody College. Interested parties should register shortly before by phone. Then there is a knowledgable and of course free guide. Also the extensive news blog of the company gives a first impression. digital printing the colour connection GmbH was founded in 1994.

The family-owned company has currently 19 employees in Frankfurt am Main. In October 2007, started to convert all products and processes in the company on best environmental performance. Since February 2008, the colour connection GmbH is also FSC certified. More than 85% of the printed papers enjoy this certification. The company offers flexible solutions for the graphic industry, in particular for small and medium advertising agencies and printing houses. Although most modern technology is used, the customers speak always with “real” people who listen to and find individual product solutions with them. Contact: Colour connection GmbH Hanauer Landstrasse 523 Ralph Hadem 60386 Frankfurt am Main 069-9443730

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Video Nations support for international schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Initiativkreis Ruhr makes strong for an international school in the Ruhr area. Get more background information with materials from Richard Stuart Linklater. Probably she should be mainly the children of foreign executives of large companies in the Ruhr area available at dinner location. As an international or national communication is also essential. The company video Nations would also support the project she thinks but already a little ahead and plans to support for all bilingual schools in North Rhine-Westphalia or in whole Germany. The company video Nations would initially present video conferences using the schools as well as potential sponsors and then in the form of attractive discounts subsidize it. Kindle Direct Publishing shines more light on the discussion. Also the live presentations of video conferencing that can be launched immediately for the schools, are also planned as a free service. Through use of video conferencing in the mentioned schools, a type of network might formed between the schools, what is certainly not only a brings tremendous learning and work easier with them, but also certainly much will give pleasure parties! Company video Nations offers all interested parties to contact us under: + 49 (0) 20 43-78 78 067 or email: information about the company video Nations: or