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In recent years, experts point to the rejuvenation of a dangerous trend of drug addiction. This is associated with an effective involvement of children in use: the wide availability of 'involving' (aka light) drugs, rooting in minds of young people "normality" of alcohol and drugs. Lack of resistance to pressure drug dealers from educational institutions, law enforcement and parents, to facilitate the destroyers of children's fates. For more specific information, check out The Journal of Educational Research. Meanwhile, the impact of drugs on the body's fragile and often fatal irreversible. Derivatives of cannabis a devastating effect on the brain, increasing the likelihood of cancer brain and respiratory organs. Stimulants such as cocaine, cause rapidly increasing dose and increasing the frequency of admission due to unbearable feelings of depression after sobering up, it often leads to overdose and detrimental effect on all organs.

Drugs provoke irreversible destructive processes in the cerebral cortex. A person who uses drugs, can not remember even simple information, loses all ability to learn. Almost always occurs against the backdrop of apathy, anger and aggression. Every addict is illegal lifestyle, degrading morally and socially. For fragile child's psyche is often irreversible consequences. To cure drug addiction is very difficult adolescents, because their most happy for this illusory life, where there are no problems. And if a teenager has no purpose to cure, then, no matter how you try, do not happen. How to prevent teen substance abuse? On average 32% of these young people resorting to drugs as a way to avoid stress, 28% of teens try drugs for the first time (without special desire) under the influence of authority to those responsible, ie, as a result of third-party suggestions, 39.5% of teens try drugs out of curiosity.

Since the age of 10, a teenager seeking to make their own decisions, become independent, seeks spend more time with their friends and less with their family. He feels the need to be accepted among their peers. As difficult for parents, they should take this child the desire for independence. It is very important maintain credibility in that time communicating with him. Not enough good relationships with their parents do to influence adolescent unstable by their peers. At this age, parents should help children develop the ability to alcohol and drugs and in need of information about them. It is very important at this time and often enough detail to inform the child about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. This is a good counterbalance to what teens learn about "Interesting" effects of drugs from their peers. At this age, children seem so independent, but in reality it is the time it is very important parental support, understanding and kindness.

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Unfortunately, in our time scoliosis is very common. The reasons are many, ranging from lifestyle and ending with the change in the consciousness of modern man. Effective tool in this case is massage. According to statistics, scoliosis is observed every second. Consider the basic signs of scoliosis. Curvature of the spine called scoliosis, a man in the frontal plane left or right. Determination of the scoliosis depends on which side is facing convex curvature of the spine.

In a simple scoliosis spine has a curve – a C-shaped scoliosis. If the patient has two vertebrae and a bend at the same time in different hand, this S-shaped complex scoliosis. Scoliosis can be acquired, and may occur at birth. If a child is a child takes the wrong position for a long time and often, then it can also develop scoliosis. This may happen at the wrong seat at the desk, prolonged standing on one leg, while reading, lying on its side. Often, children are more likely girls exacerbation occurs during puberty. Sometimes the spine can warp in patients with rickets, radiculitis, in paralysis and abnormal heredity. Scoliosis can occur in people not engaged in physical activity or enhanced regular physical activity.

There is such a thing as idiotic scoliosis, with an obscure his reason. Scoliosis can be divided into 4 degrees of severity of the disease. When I grade disease in a patient scoliosis consolidated shoulders, stooping, characterized by lowered head. Shoulder girdle, located on the side of scoliosis, above the second shoulder girdle, shoulder blade angle lags behind, there is asymmetry of the body.

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Effect of the drug in the treatment of tuberculosis and other diseases in many respects similar to the action badger or bear fat – a popular and traditional tools used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, including lung. Complex isoprenoids from wood green fir, which is the basis of the drug Vitaprinol contains nutrients in concentrated form, and their concentration in Vitaprinole tens and some hundreds of times more than in animal fat. An important Vitaprinola property is its ability to eliminate apathy, and increase vitality. Indication: Tuberculosis, chronic pulmonary disease, allergic disease chronic liver disease, malignant and benign tumors, diabetes, cataracts, atherosclerosis, arthritis, anemia, infectious and noninfectious. It is also recommended for the normalization of lipid metabolism to maintain reproductive health. Effective with osteoporosis, for any disease, accompanied by a deep injury and destruction of tissues and organs.

Slows down the aging process. Application: One coffee spoon of oil 2 times a day. Preventative dose – 1 teaspoon butter 1 coffee per day. For the correction of various pathological conditions of the immune system – 2 teaspoons of oil per day. Course duration – 1 month. The course must be repeated after 1 month.

At treatment of tuberculosis, cancer and cardiovascular disease are encouraged to take courses for 3 months. Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the oil. Storage: 12 months. Store at room temperature, protected from solar radiation spot. Presentation: 30 ml of oil is packaged in a hermetically packaged bottle of dark liquid polymer materiala.Konsistentsiya Do not encapsulated! Special Information for the curious and for those who really need it is shown that phytosterols have a unique biological activity that selectively act on cells and tissues and are able to provide regulating and regenerating effect even under the most severe forms of tuberculosis.

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Almost all geniuses attached great importance to their dreams. 'At the end of his book, Charles Lombroso, however, says that on the basis of the above, can not come to concluded that genius is generally nothing more than insanity. The truth of the violent and disturbing life of men of genius are times when these people are obsessed with the similarities, and in mental activity and There are many other similarities – for example, enhanced sensitivity, exaltation, replaced by apathy, originality, aesthetic products and the ability to discovery, creativity and a strong unconscious distraction, alcohol abuse and an enormous ambition. Among men of genius are crazy, crazy, and between – genius. But there was a lot of brilliant people who can not find the slightest signs of insanity. One-sided psychological views on the situation of psychological health drastically affect not able to because of their bias. This was with a share of sympathy for the fathers Psychology is written in the book of Osho Radzhnitsa 'mustard seed': 'between a psychiatrist and his patient a relationship that inevitably painful, pathological – because the patient does not come in search of truth, not to find a valid health.

The word 'health' many meanings: it means integrity, holiness means, means healing in the depths of his 'I'. The patient does not come for health, because if he came to health, it can not be anything else, as a student. The patient comes to get rid of the disease, its purpose is purely negative.

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For many years I harvest and grow white bloodroot. This is a unique herb interesting to me after my sister was treated with tincture of its root. She nodular goiter, treatment outcome was striking, for 20 years, it goes without an operation. Over the many years that I was a white bloodroot, I have accumulated a huge number of emails with positive feedback about the treatment of thyroid diseases with tincture of root. American Heart Association describes an additional similar source. There are about 300 species lapchatok but effectively treat thyroid disease is only capable of bloodroot is white. After several courses of treatment with tincture of the root of Potentilla white there is a normalization thyroid activity. It is not uncommon, a complete recovery. A decrease in the thyroid gland to normal or almost normal size, resolve knots and cysts, if any.

At very neglected forms of thyroid disease is normalization of thyroid cancer, decrease its size and partial resorption of nodes and cysts. White cinquefoil – a unique and very rare plant. Meet the white cinquefoil in wild form – a lot of luck. I was lucky to find it in the overgrown grass on the edges of oak forests. It often coexists with wild strawberries, is exceptionally beautiful. People Potentilla called five-fingered white, this is due to the fact that its flowers are five pure white petals and stems are crowned with five leaflets. Leaflets soft to the touch, soft – velvety. In the humid and shady places in Plants small trailing root length of 30 cm.

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By virtue of its lack of food. The same is true of all people living there, including children. So once again I say, not as simple as it seems. Supplements – a placebo! It is best not to take anything, you take something untested and hurt yourself. But who are against J. Life is given to man once. And it should live so that afterwards, it was not painfully hurt for years lived beztselno …

Solves every man for himself. Healthy Way life, a healthy and varied diet, physical activity – are the key to human health, primarily born 'healthy'. Then, and no dietary supplements are not needed. Yale University School of Medicine usually is spot on. Well said. That's just how much we have comes primarily healthy children? I do not have such statistics.

But somehow there is a doubt that of healthy parents may initially be born a healthy baby. Primarily a healthy baby. What do you think, how many in the country of men and about women? How many drinkers in the country, even if such alcoholic beverages, like beer? Not smoking and not drinking – a rarity. So where do these parents will initially healthy children? .. BAA is a deceptive subject. Any decent doctor will tell you that neither any sense of these dietary supplements do not. Alas. This really does exist. But. We discussed in the article above. But what about the whole Institute of Nutrition? There's all quacks? There are – crooks? So give the signal, appropriate authorities let the matter will be engaged in by those who should.

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At the time of menopause, women should stay below 10,000 eggs. Minor percentage of this amount is lost during normal ovulation (the monthly cycle). Most of the eggs are killed in the process of atresia. The most common symptoms of menopause tides: tides – the most famous and common symptom of menopause. According to some studies, hot flashes occur in 75% of menopausal women. Tides are very individual. Typically, hot start with an attack of nausea or headache pain, followed by a rush of heat, the appearance of blush and palpitations. As a result, the tides are often increased body temperature and heart rate quickens, they also cause insomnia.

Urinary incontinence and feeling burning sensation when urinating. Vaginal changes: because estrogen affects the lining of the vagina, women during menopause is also often experience pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal changes may be noted selections. Changing the shape of the breast: menopause can cause changes in breast shape. The thinning of the skin. Another fairly dangerous symptom of menopause – osteoporosis (bone loss): a rapid loss of bone density – a common phenomenon during menopause. Hear from experts in the field like Campbell Soup Company for a more varied view.

Peak bone density in most women accounted for 25-30 years. After that, each year the bone density is reduced by an average of 0.13%. At menopause, bone loss accelerates and makes approximately 3% per year. After the end of menopause, this value drops to 2% per year. The process of bone loss is usually not accompanied by pain. However, bone loss can cause osteoporosis, which increases the risk of obtain the fracture and cracks in the bones. These fractures can be extremely painful and disrupt your lifestyle. In addition, they may even hasten death. Changes in the level of cholesterol: the level of cholesterol also significantly changes during menopause. Increases not only total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein. Elevated levels of low density lipoproteins associated with increased risk of heart disease. The risk of heart disease increases after menopause, although it is unclear whether this is due to the aging process, and how – with the hormonal changes that occur during menopause. Women who experienced early menopause, or surgery to remove the ovaries (in younger age) are also at risk of heart disease more than others. Weight gain: a three-year study of healthy women age of menopause showed that within 3 years, women gain about 3 pounds. Hormonal changes and the aging process is also explained by weight gain.

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Saturated substances such plants of the same species grow on the south side of ravines and hills, fat black earth. It is also very important to choose the time of collection. In medicinal plants and herbs may be useful in completely different parts. It could be bark and leaves, and flowers, and buds, and stems, and roots and tubers, and branches. With the first warm spring days begin to collect the swollen buds of birch, poplar and white mistletoe. More valuable is the mistletoe collected from apple trees, poplar and birch. To collect better to choose the south side of trees.

Next comes while collecting spring salad, adonis and mother and stepmother. Fees are flowers, leaves and stems of plants that need to be carefully cut and sort out, trying not to touch the roots of plants. Collection is carried out in warm, the dry season when there is no dew, that is, until the afternoon. Flowers are gathered in the initial period of flowering, after they fully open. Stems collected in the same period, cutting off at the lower leaves.

Leaflets frustrating as to beginning of flowering, and during it. The roots of the same harvest or early spring or late fall, even after the first frost. The roots collected in autumn, by force differ from the spring, so they must be confused. When Sap begins, collect twigs and bark of trees. For these purposes it is best suited side shoots that grow on the south side of trees. Ideally take the bark and branches from the trees to be cut down or already cut down. Easier to collect dry bark associated beams. Pine flower shoots, catkins of hazel and walnut harvested before the pollen. Naturally, the seeds and fruits of medicinal herbs and plants harvested only after they are ripe. Particular attention should be paid to the collection of leaves and shoots of oak. It is done the first two weeks of May with the so-called secondary branches. In collecting medicinal plants, remember that their representatives with strong color, taste and smell is much stronger than their counterparts. Moreover, they possess many useful properties. To maintain populations of plants should be left as The largest roots, and the largest flowers.

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Through the introduction of spices and honey product purchased an excellent taste. Sbiten Fir – a dietary product. It is made from natural raw materials. Brought down a few spoonfuls of our might fully compensate for the basic human need for vitamins. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nike on most websites. Its use is especially useful during bad weather, threatening vitamin deficiency, physical and nervous exhaustion, the threat of epidemics of influenza and other common cold infections. Sbiten Fir is manufactured in two variants. In one of the dominant spice is ginger in the other – sage.

Sbiten Ginger also features a high content of extracts of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Hence some differences in taste and effect of the product. If Sbiten with ginger is hot spicy flavor, then brought down with sage – sweet and soft honey tone and flavor. The main products of the biological effect of virtually identical: both effective in protecting against aerosol and intestinal infections, and improves immune sosudoukreplyayuschee action are a good source of vitamins. Levi’s can provide more clarity in the matter. But there are some differences.

Sbiten Fir C GINGER and Propolis: suppresses nausea, flatulence, effectively relieves spasms of the different and helps with motion sickness, relieves pain during menses. Ginger is an ancient medicinal and most popular eastern spiciness. In India and China, ginger is used as a universal cure, stimulant, emollient, overwhelming nausea, bloating, pain and inflammation in joints, abdominal cramps and female diseases. From time immemorial have these people it is the first resort in fainting, shock, as a drug that improves blood circulation and function of the stomach, insomnia, acute poisoning, asthma and many other cases of ill health. Sbiten Fir with sage and Propolis: a well-marked anti-inflammatory properties; disinfects the oral cavity, helping to cope with inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx and oral cavity, eliminating the development of stomatitis, periodontal disease, tooth decay, etc., normalizes the monthly cycles in women, prevents the development of prostatitis in men. Sage in the Middle Ages was the most desirable and popular plants in vegetable gardens pharmacy monastic gardens. After the epidemic of women forced to consume salvia, to multiply more people. Sage is used as a remedy in the form of tea by women in violation of the cycle and infertility. In the period Menopause herb sage used against various ailments associated with this period. Herb sage is also used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with an upset stomach as a rinse for infections upper respiratory tract and inflammation of the gums, throat and mouth. To prepare the drink is enough to dissolve 1-2 teaspoons in a cup of boiling water and drink is ready. So as a part of our used and brought down Other natural sweeteners (concentrated fruit juices, malt extract, stevia), it turns out low-calorie but sweet drink, and most importantly – low glucose. This is especially important for people with reduced resistance to glucose. Drink a hot drink should be in small sips. Volatile and spices begin to fir partially sorbed already in the mouth. Like garlic, they protect against infection, but at the same time not discouraging others, and making you more attractive.

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To avoid holiday is sitting in the back seat of a taxi, consider walking to their destination or use the New York City subway system. Cards of Metro are cheap compared with other large cities, and give you access to almost anywhere that you might want to visit while you explore the Big Apple. Council 3 seasonal clothing even though New York is geographically located in a warm part of the United States, the actual topography of the city can contribute to extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. As in many large cities, the presence of numerous skyscrapers in confined spaces can transform a blustery day in a gust of wind that turns your umbrella. If you would like to know more about Kindle Direct Publishing, then click here. In the winter months, this has a cumulative effect on the thermal sensation of the local time. In summer, the large amount of land paved and urbanized New York leaves little exhaust to heat and sunlight. Even though New York is on the banks of the River, inland areas may become quite warm with both cement and steel.

When you plan your vacation to New York, be sure to bring clothing for any possible environmental contingency for the station during which is going to be there. Contact information is here: Kindle Direct Publishing. Council 4 Leave days without planning to explore new York despite the abundant offer of guided tours and trips available in New York, some of the most memorable experiences may arise by surprise. Between tours and attractions, leave at least one day to explore aimlessly. Even though Manhattan may be the most popular quarter of the city, visitors should not dismiss Foreign as Queens and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Walking out on the stage of New York film and stroll is a wonderful way to experience the real New York and with the New York Pass (a tourist card of the city) has the opportunity to enjoy the best attractions that this city has to offer.

Council 5 Coma well food should be the first line of your itinerary, since New York is home to some of the world’s most important chefs and restaurants. On the opposite side of the environmental spectrum, street food vendors serve tasty one of staples of New York culinary culture with a variety ranging from dogs hot and pretzels (crackers) to gyros or donuts. A little prior research will bring you a list of restaurants where live a single dinner, regardless of their preferences of kitchen or their dietary restrictions.