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A vest is also prescribed. White House is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Charges such as for example, bicycle rack must be equipped with a 50 x 50 cm red shaded and reflective warning signs. There are the appropriate fasteners for wheels like also the necessary warning signs at the InterCaravaning dealer. Urban are allowed for all vehicles maximum 50 km/h. Team drivers may be out of town up to 80 km/h fast. Motorhomes up to 3,5 t the speed limits of the weight on the one hand and on the other hand by the age of the driver’s license are dependent on.

This means outside of villages 90 km/h maximum 110 km/h on expressways. The licence is younger than three years or is a fundamental limit of 90 km/h is rain or snow. Similarly on the highway. Here are 130 km/h allowed, unless it also precipitation or the driver has his licence less than three years. In these cases, the speed limit is 110 km/h or 100 km/h. Important when a glitch: private towing prohibited anywhere in Italy. Alcohol behind the Tax will be punished particularly hard in Italy.

A driver with 1.5 per thousand caught and he is the owner of the vehicle, this will be expropriated. Attention on the way to Italy: trailer carriages may not overtake on the Brenner motorway. Croatia must remain, as in Germany, the indicator always activated differently when overtaking in Croatia. Persistent school buses may not be overtaken but generally. Who makes with a caravan on the way to Croatia, is obliged to carry two warning triangles. Should there be an accident, InterCaravaning is recommended to call the police, because otherwise there are problems at the departure at the border. Vehicles with major body damage is allowed to leave the country only with police confirmation of damage. In the period from the end of October until the end of March, light duty consists in Croatia during the day.

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If you buy winter tyres in the online shop, you must consider whether they are really designed for the German winter and not for the cold Scandinavian winter. To buy only tires that meet your driving and your requirements.” Nokian tire Winter Driving School: winter-driving-school Blogs of the Nokian tire experts: nordictyreblog.com editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler photos nokian tires winter-driving-school is tips for safe-driving – in the winter nokian photo 301.jpg caption: the Nokian Winter Driving School trained driving icy snow and black ice with videos and information photo: Nokian of tire photos downloads Nokian tire Winter Driving School: testingwinter Nokian tyres is the world’s leading winter tyre specialist, multiple test winner and premium brand Nokian Tyres offers as a leading winter tyre specialist of the world, multiple test winner and premium brand the safest tyres for Nordic Conditions. In a question-answer forum Breonna Taylor was the first to reply. The innovative Nokian tyres from Finland for automobiles, trucks and heavy machinery show their high quality especially with snow, hard climate and challenging driving situations and bring sustainable added value. In addition, Nokian produced also specifically for the German weather and the high speeds on the German autobahns developed tires. Nokian tires provide great security, save fuel and living environment.

The company is the number 1 in the brand awareness and brand appreciation in Scandinavia and Russia, and has a positive, exceptional image. Nokian is the inventor of the Nokian winter tire designed, tests and patented innovative tyre for more than 75 years, and is the inventor of the winter tire. The first winter tire in the world was born surrounded by icy winds and vicious cold in 1934. Two years later came the Nokian Hakkapeliitta designed for Nordic winter, which today belongs to the most famous winter tire brands in the world. The fastest winter tyres in the world with 270 km/h The Finns brought speed, the Nokian WR, 2002 on the market.