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But at the last moment, I learned that the course is gaining Andrei Aleksandrovich Goncharov, and he will be teaching – Mark . And in those years for me was just the idol. All his films are well known: 'That Munchhausen', 'Ordinary Miracle' and others. And I realized that I should go in here. Then I was not familiar with the theatrical world, I do not know who Goncharov, how this person is significant in the theater was then While, yes, and to this day.

L. Pavel: You're just really wanted to. Demidov: I just really wanted to, yes. L. Pavel: And you were sure you will do it, or doubt? Demidov: For some reason I was sure that I will succeed. I was not then agree with my mother. And there was a very interesting detail. Goncharov asked me, this was the penultimate round, he asked me: 'Well (and he was ever an elephant in the theater, he was a whale!) Well, why, you've decided on my course? " And I told him I say: 'Well, because you will teach Mark .

" For him it was just it's like Einstein said that to you I'm going to learn, because you have been teaching a course Isaac Newton. L. Pavel: That's one hundred percent means no entry. Demidov: One hundred percent no flow, yes, absolutely. But there is still taught and Eugene M. Arie, today he is our director in the theater 'Gesher'. And I have some reason he liked it. And I think I went to Goncharova course because of him, because Goncharov six months after my income could not see me. Well, then, though, everything changed