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Some totally gratuitous platforms like facebook, myspace, sonic, hi5 among others could be used for such effect but they do not ensure a safe success to us since the people who are in these platforms have very diverse interests and would turn out tedious and complicated to only find those people whose interest is the one to look for even. It is why places to look for friendly in Internet they estan well thought and they have come to replace a human necessity, the one to socialize in a world that becomes more and more asocial. My recommendation is that nonsubjects if they acquire money to you to belong to one of these networks since the best one is this way to filter and to obtain a trustworthy balance of people who really estan interested in obtaining friendly in the network. Only fijate that the place is trustworthy, that provides the levels of computer science security demanded by the law like the candadito in the part inferior of the navigator and who the direction begins by at the moment at which you get ready to introduce the data of your credit card: And finally, if you do not know by where beginning to look for friendly in Internet, I recommend a place to you that is brilliant similarity by its relation quality to me price, its simplicity of use, rapidity and flood I number of members in the Hispanic world. To know friendly, the discharge is totally gratuitous and as I mentioned previously, the relation quality price is without equal. Biography of Author Andres F. Sanchez