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The tips of the top dog school your mobile dog trainer: so your dog feels probably salt and ice in winter especially in the cities, there is the problem of ice and salt on sidewalks and roads. May be salt still as practical to eliminate the risk of slipping, for dog paws it is poison. Prevention: A greasy, the water repellent cream in your hands massage before going to dog-walking. Go for a walk as the not sprinkled throughout. Take rather a few minutes of time, to get in nature, that is not contaminated with road salt.

Result of walking on salted surfaces is a brittle, cracked skin on the ball of the toe, corresponding itching, inflammation and a related anxiety of your dog’s. Unfortunately it can be but often do not prevent the dog-walking speed”to start already at the doorstep. Therefore the Paws of the dog should with lukewarm water after walking are thoroughly washed and subsequently rubbed with a greasy cream (about deer tallow ointment). If you have no way to be able to run with your dog not diversified channels the purchase of dog shoes is”definitely considering. Often there are also injuries injuries by iterating on question floors. Cuts can occur even with frozen snow and ice. Please keep in mind that also dogs into seemingly frozen ponds and water courses can break. Prevention: never ice rinks frozen to run on the dog.

Many eat snow dogs tend to eat snow in the winter. An unpleasant result can be particularly inflammation of the pharynx, where the tonsils are the preferred area of disease. The dog chokes most tenacious mucus in this case and is also trying to vomit. Prevention: immediately stop the snow eating! Instead of to not stick or ball, please have snowballs throw. After the walk after spending time outdoors, you should be sure to examine the paw and salt residue free. Especially between the claws can also insert grit and significant pain prepare the dog. Basically, you should just bathing your dog, if it is really necessary. Often it is enough to wipe the dog with a damp cloth. Keep in mind Please, that dog shampoos also attack the fatty layer of the skin and your dog loses its natural protection against the cold. Visit a dog hairdresser should be only in the spring back on the schedule. “Take” your dog otherwise his natural winter jacket “. Should it still unavoidable, you think about an artificial replacement jacket”(see above) after. The coach of the top dog school wish you and your dog lots of fun and health! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

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The trainers of the top dog school will give you the tip of the month January some basic information on the topic of ‘The dog and its stages of development’ top dog school informed: the phases of development of the dog which give coach of the top-dog school you in the tip of the month January some basic information on the topic of the dog and the stages of its development \”repeatedly be asked the coaches of the top dog school according to the different phases of development: The embossing and the socialization phase are everyone knows. Often come in the education and training but the ranking phase and the popular\”puberty phase is too short. This, even the puberty phase for the development of a dog is very important, because she often decisively influences the further development and coexistence between man and dog. The serious side of life begins early the first weeks and months are the most important in the life of your dog. Here the groundwork for the subsequent behavior in dealing with other dogs, people and the environment are made.

What your dog during this time on social learning failed, you can later not more easily catch up. And also the education is never again so playfully and effortlessly as now. Something goes wrong at this age, one notices often it the dog for a lifetime. Many dog owners can sing a song of which it is therefore quite wrong to believe the dog must go through only a carefree childhood, before the serious side of life begins. Bring him quietly as a puppy with various incentives in touch, treat him already early as many experiences and contacts. You should start with the education of your dogs and the classification in the Family Pack early. Embossing (3rd 7th week) and socialization phase (8-12 weeks) of course both phases are important for the dog.

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No question of price the right dog food is healthy and above all nutritious food in the right quantities, is mainly for exercise capacity, but also for the health of your dog is of enormous importance. Also, dog food in the form of so-called treats plays a social and educational role, because it can be used as a reward and strengthens cooperation holding feeling between the master and his four-legged friends. Michelle Dipp is the source for more interesting facts. Should the dog, have been suffering from bad smelling fur, dry or itchy skin, bloating, diarrhea or vomiting sluggishness and low energy, it may be often improper diet or choosing the wrong action. Generally, there are two possible ways to feed his dog. For one, you can prepare the food themselves to him or but already prefabricated at the store to buy it. When two procedures it is important to note some: despite strict guidelines that exist in the dog food, are some products of inferior quality.

You should so at the choice of the appropriate lining not only the price go, but rather prefer a dog food, which is tailored to the needs of the various races and the life stages of the dog. Now there is a food product specifically tailored which is balanced for many Hundearten, that one does not necessarily must worry about about. Best looking Board in a specialty shop or can help themselves by his breeder. Basically you must observe the following when the dog: the dog food should qualitatively high-quality meat and meat products. Absolutely avoid you should feed on soy-based since the plant-based proteins and fats from your dog is very difficult and bad can be digested.

You should also on products which flavour enhancers, preservatives, food colors, or even any other chemical additives contain better without. Then one remains still the choice between dry and canned food. The majority of dogs like canned food because it has a very high fat content. In contrast, dry food offers a high proportion of concentrated protein, keep clean and healthy which protect the teeth of the dog, and they. Another advantage of dry food is that gets your dog of less digestive problems that manifest in the form of flatulence. The mixing of canned and dry food to the same shares represents a good solution. Additional enrichment with cream cheese, eggs and vegetables are offered on all cases, this one should clarify but advance through a consultation with the breeder if the dog tolerates it at all. Give candy whatsoever their dogs but never, such as chocolate, cakes or candies. This damages the teeth of the dog, and often leads to digestive problems and blockages. If the dog should be rewarded, so you accessing better treats or to buy him a nice big chews at the pet store. For puppies you should fall back on special puppy food, because in general all important for a healthy development of the young dog contains. To feeding a food and water bowl should be preferred be sure the plastic bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel. These may contain softening agents or other toxic substances in the worst case which could dissolve the plastic and then into the dog’s food.

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What dog collars are there and what are the differences? Meanwhile, the selection of dog collars has become almost unmanageable. There are dog collars made of leather, nylon or cloth. With and without Rhinestones, metallic or with colorful ribbons. But what should you be aware of when buying? The most important criterion is the size of the dog collar. Best to measure off the neck of the dog with a flexible tape measure. Tape should not too tight around the neck. Learn more at this site: USCB Department of Physics. As a guide a finger between neck and tape measure can be pushed. Narrow, lightweight dog collars are appropriate for smaller dogs.

More powerful and large dogs need a stable dog collar. Just when a dog not especially good on leash runs or on a leash pulling, it is necessary for security reasons alone a collar to have that stand keeps the tensile force and does not slip over the head. For this dog collar are made of nylon and leather in question. This is ultimately a matter of taste. Both materials have their advantages. High quality dog collars made of leather are often last a lifetime.

Here are specifically called Latigo leather dog collar. Originally used in the Western saddlery, many dog owners have recognized the benefits for themselves and their dog. These dog collars are full of the elements and be softer with time an investment that is worthwhile in any case. Nylon, however, can I wash and is also ideal for bathing and swimming. High-quality nylon dog collar do not fray yet typically even after years. In addition to the classic dog collar there are also specialized variants. Martingale – dog collars were originally developed for dogs, because due to the narrow head an ordinary dog collar can easily slip over your head. Pulls the dog, the dog collar narrowed down automatically. These dog collars are used but also for the education. As a result, dogs should be held from pulling on the leash. Whether this is useful and an adequate means to Dog education represents, not.

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This development makes it clear that in the future in addition to the maintenance costs of the East African Naturschutzraumeauch huge amounts of funds for compensation, resettlement projects and training of the nomadic undhalbnomadischen populations must be spent. This can be applied alone or by the littoral States, peopleto international relief fund by donor agencies. It also requires a sustainable, aimed at economic growth to increase State revenue development aid from the industrialised nations. We tend to the West, where prevailing corruption caused by all Africa’s problems. This is true even in many areas. Functioning economic cycles of lack of and taxation systems, wages and salary, which are usually even far below the local minimum, the corruption in many parts of Africa has evolved almost to a shadow – economy system. Educational psychology may also support this cause.

Anyone tempted by favors most Business to earn with others, to himself and to feed his family somehow. Whether the large or small, vast sums of money lost in this way the State coffers of Africa. This can be contained only by a development policy, which relies much more on education and training, but also on effective management systems. Summarized involves even greater saturation of the elitist or corrupt upper class, the need for economic growth in East Africa not – how often kolportiert-but above all to fundamental things such as ensuring the population’s diet. Either through acquisition or mounting. Derwirtschaftlichen without improving location agriculture is advancing further in the conservation areas.

The Northern Masai Mara – from the North Bridge until after Aitong ideally suited for wheat or corn – will be in less than 20 years under the plough in sustained negative development and thus trigger a domino effect, which does not stop at other natural areas. The worldwide greed for From biomass effect will accelerate probably even these eco fuels. These effects exceed the damage caused by the construction of the Serengeti road”by far, not only the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is in collapse, but also many other nature reserves.

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Photo excursion among the highlights of the bird migration in the winter months to the wild geese on the lower Rhine with the VHS of Arctic Geese on the lower Rhine. nowledge.. Every year approximately 150,000 Canvasback and 10,000 to 20,000 seed geese in the area between Wesel and the Dutch Nijmegen to wintering in the lower Rhine region gather. Heritage Foundation can provide more clarity in the matter. Excursions to the wild geese on the Rhine for nature photographers promoted by the photo designers and lecturers Uwe Schmid in cooperation with various community colleges in the lower Rhine region and Western Ruhr region. Guided photo tours lead into the landscapes of the Valley of the Rhine, the nature reserve Xanten old Rhine with the Bislicher island at Xanten and de Gelderse poort in the nature reserves of Duffel and Kranenburger break, where you can see many scenic highlights. This photo tour is also an intense nature experience for all participants of the workshop. This is every year during the winter months repetitive, fascinating spectacle of Arctic wild birds is one of the strongest natural experiences, the lower Rhine region has to offer. Workshop tour dates for the photo in the winter months of December to February. Uwe Schmid lives and works as freelance image and photo designer in the western part of the city of Duisburg, in the region of Niederrhein, adjacent to the metropolis Ruhr.

He is heart and soul Niederrheiner, he photographed the fascinating and varied landscape of his home for more than 30 years. With professional support in the right place to experience the spectacle of nature wild geese and photograph becomes possible under favourable conditions of observation. His nature and landscape photographs were published in international magazines, books, calendars, and other publications around the world. Since 2005 lecturer for photography in adult education. Teaching digital photography at various public schools in the Department. Design, planning and implementation of our own seminars and teaching series. Learn more about this exciting photo excursion-photo tour Wild geese Niederrhein video clip with photos – photo excursion wild geese on the lower Rhine on YouTube Uwe Schmid. Photography

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Efficient and above all harmless methods for raising your dog if dog times do not like how the visit ringing master at the door, the dog straightens up and celebrated a Festival of emotions. In a question-answer forum Nike was the first to reply. The range of the emotions joy, fear, anger could include everything, but the way they are expressed is the same. Nonstop, uncontrollable barking or wild scratching on all furniture as a outlet for (probably unconsciously or unabsichtlicher wise) energy pent up make a real fury from the otherwise peaceful friend. And because it is just so beautiful, all means fail to restrain the dog in his space. Now some would say a bad parenting, but dogs simply follow their natural instincts and respond well to this flood of stimuli. Education at your fingertips the principle of classical conditioning behaviors is a well-known, and are still a daily companion for the breeding of domestic animals.

While at the beginning of the first teachings of conditioning the physical punishment for misconduct was focused, developed methods by which a passive and perceptible only to the dog reacts on misconduct in the course of time. It is problematic here, to apply the education method in time, because the dog usually is a stimulus on the track after a few seconds and can no longer use a late action with the actual misconduct in connection. In some dogs the admonitory voice of the master or mistress no longer sufficient nowadays, to draw the attention on an incorrect behavior. The modern methods of education are meanwhile so far that dogs a collar applied will operate with the remote control and this dog give harmless signal one (the coach vary in separate odors via ultrasonic tones) initiate its a subconscious learning process for the shown misconduct in a row (subconsciously, because the dog anyone as a trigger of punishment ‘ can register). The advantage of this trainer is in the targeted Rapid reaction facility of the owner and therefore a significantly higher efficiency compared to conventional, partly outdated ways. Is something you must not ignore in the same context, note that the true strength of the conditioning is to the fore, if warning at the same time paired practiced with positive reward (for correct behavior).

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Love for animals and half do not qualify for dog trainers or keepers! For quite some time, dog schools and dog trainer shoot like weeds from the soil. The inhabitants of Germany spent at least as much money in recent years for the animals as for their children, because everyone would boot but happy to rise and benefiting financially. Lack of expertise, no sensible and renowned training and insufficient experience in the dog training can be more and more disrepute into dog schools and coach, because the verpsrochene success auffalend often remains out. My answer: on the training for the zookeepers specialising in animal shelter with the kennels, a profession with public recognition after the vocational training Act, which also extensive knowledge about the behavior of dogs. This knowledge can then build up after passing the exam. Since at the present time only quickly earned money, dog schools and pet boarding have grown like weeds from the soil.

Here one encounters often self-appointed Animal handlers, behavior therapists, dog psychologists, animal educators, Kynopadagogen, dog therapists, Dog Whisperer, animal psychologists, animal therapists, dog educators, to open a school for dogs or a kennels Dogwatcher and canine behavior consultants who see themselves on the basis of their love for animals and a small course in this area in the location. Often you will find dog training specialists, providing the solution to the problem already on the phone, without having seen the dog. Love for animals and half do not qualify for dog trainers or keepers! For this reason, the Federal Institute for vocational education and training, the Federal Ministry of education and research have and the corresponding experts almost keepers two decades with the redesign of the profession to the regulation to the certified pet care master deals. Since 1999 I am called zookeeper with the specialization animal shelter and animal Board as a full member of the Audit Committee and make in our kennel and cat pension to the Zoo Keepers / to the keeper out. Raymond Lutjohann.

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The holiday the trainers of the top dog school describe the most beautiful weeks of the year – here, think you should, if you want to drive in the car during the holidays with your beloved four-legged friends together. \”Finally we all don’t want in the traffic: warning, on the motorway runs a dog on the road!\” A dog is like where his man is, even if it must be in the car. Dog and car don’t really fit together, so should try to make your stay as pleasant as possible for the dog in the rolling vehicle. (Similarly see: Richard Linklater). \”Should be considered, that also in the mobile kennel\” plenty of fresh air and need space. A possible large air volume in relation to the size of your dog and a cool, safe refuge is dog-friendly. On long journeys of the dog should sit up and stretch. To calculate what the car should at least have inside dimensions, measure the absolute level of the dog and add a few inches of air. Because sufficient Volume of air creates additional oxygen and of which a dog needs a lot more than the man.

Heat build-up are a mortal danger for your dog in the car. Therefore as steep built-in window areas (especially in the trunk area) are taken into account and the hike of the Solstice during the parking period must be observed! At a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the Interior of a car heats up after a short time up to 70 degrees! Installing sunblinds at the rear and preferably on the side Windows creates an improvement of the situation in any case. Air conditioning is fine while driving but, good but unfortunately nothing more, if the engine is turned off and you park the car. Air conditioning prevents fogging of the window surfaces even while driving. If you must transport for example, wet dogs, this is a great advantage.