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-Do will be that the Minister and the MEC technicians are not taking terere, no? they eat chipa, OS, or apu, do not see the beautiful tajy when florencen; they do not use ao po i garments, or not never heard stories of pora, the pombero, jasy jatere or the luiso?. Do it will be that they do not give account the Guarani language is everywhere, from when they say someone that piko quere hina vo until the nembo and / are made?. -Do will be that the Minister and the MEC technicians do not walk through the streets of Asuncion to give account not only on the field but in the heart the people speak on a daily basis in Guarani?. -Could it be that the Minister and the MEC technicians have no connection to the internet and why don’t realize the importance of the Guarani, beyond of the Paraguay, within the international community?. -Do will be that the Minister and the MEC technicians are asleep and dream of gua u that in the Paraguay all spoke only in Spanish?. It’s a shame, it is seen that in the MEC power have it of Spanish friends; in fact, the Guaraniko came under pressure, by Tova ata nomas then; and not allowed him to enter the room but was forced to stay beyond by the Fund of the MEC, then nomas, arriero porte-pe patio. Again, nothing justifies or justify this perverse intention of the MEC reduce and exclude the Guarani language of secondary education. Hopefully for the good of the Paraguayan education, MEC rectify this absurd discrimination to the Guarani language and once and for all to promote and strengthen the teaching of Guarani, not of the jopara..

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Has he shared the company of a friend who is spending a situation that makes you feel emotionally fragile?Do you feel the desire to contribute and support it to exceed the condition of that time? I believe that the vast majority of us Yes, however many times we have faced the situation of not knowing how to say or do to collaborate and serve our friend (a). There are in fact no manuals or formulas that the feelings and the ambient conditions are constantly changing, so it is advisable to know few generalities suitable for our proceeding. Positive attitude. Such usual questions as you are? How do you feel? They can trigger different feelings, depending on the form and time in which we express them (gestures, tone of voice, in private or not, etc.) independent case, our friend (or) need to perceive that we are interested in your situation, we understand, that count on us, also that respect. Therefore maintain an attitude positive will be reflected in what we say and how we say it. It is important to clarify the actions and words we express transmit what we feel, so we drink to strive to maintain a condition of positivism.

Do not let the difficult situation of his friend (a) change its way of relating, not lose sight of that still has the strengths and weaknesses that make him who he is; avoid the use of undesirable expressions and that induce sit victim. To exemplify what phrases like: than barbaro (a) how he was able to can’t believe that Learn how to listen. So what I was taught and similarly explain it to my kids, hear is something very different to hear it wise is to allow the person who is living a stressful situation is relieved, do not interrupt it with empty phrases, listen with patience and try to understand how it feels; with such patience without downplaying his situation you hear again and again his conversation.