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Edition of the beauty contest is the 60, that in its last edition crowned to the Mexican Ximena Navarrete. The representatives of Kosovo, Spain, France, Venezuela, China or Angola are the favorites. The parades in all type of dresses or suits of bath will decide to Universal Miss 2011. List: the favorites to Universal Miss 2011. More information is housed here: FASEB Journal. Candidates of 89 countries will dispute in Sao Paulo the crown of Universal Miss 2011, in a ceremony to choose the successor of the Mexican Ximena Navarrete and that will be transmitted by television to 189 countries. The 60 edition of the world-wide contest of beauty, in the Credicard theater Hall, will reach more than 1,000 million people, according to informed an official notice into the organization, who also confirmed in the section of musical activities the presence of the Brazilian singers Claudia Leitte and Bebel Gilberto. The representatives of Kosovo, Aferdita Dreshaj; of Spain, Paula Guill; of France, Laury Thilleman; of Venezuela, Vanessa Goncalves; of China, Luo Zilin, and of Angola, Leila Lopes; they take advantage between the favorites from the public and the press, but this type of contests reserves surprises for the last moment.

The Latin American beauties more outstanding, besides the Goncalves Venezuelan, have been anfitriona Brazilian Priscila Machado, the Colombian Catherine Robayo, the Bolivian Olivia Pinheiro and the Puerto Rican Viviana Ortiz. With an intense agenda during the two last weeks in Sao Paulo, the candidates visited social hospitals and projects; they had classes of gastronomy and samba; they attended competitions of equestrian and motoring; they played golf, they met with local authorities and they went to paulistas beaches, among others activities. Thursday, in the preliminary phase of the contest with the parades in dresses in full dress, night and of bath, the representative of Sweden, Ronnia Fornstedt, was chosen by a specialized group of photographers like Photogenic Miss, whereas the 89 candidates chose the Montenegrin Nikolina Loncar, like Miss Affection.

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Puyehue volcano, that entered eruption the 4 of June, already cause problems of aerial traffic in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand. Thousands of passengers have been beached in Australia and New Zealand. The ash and smoke cloud of Chilean volcano Puyehue, that affects regions of the north of Argentina and Uruguay, has forced to suspend to this Monday two routes between the airport of Barajas and the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Add to your understanding with University of Cambridge. To thus they have indicated sources it of Iberia, that they have showed in addition that the exit of the flight at night from Monday to Buenos Aires of Madrid is pending of the change in the situation, just like it happens to the route of Argentine Airlines. Iberia has detailed that the flight from this Sunday to Rio de Janeiro ctu " salto" to the Argentine locality of Cordova to be able to transfer to part of the passage affected by the problems that the volcano has caused in the aerial traffic in the last week. The volcano entered eruption day 4 of June and, since then, it is causing problems in aerial traffic of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay and in the last hours in the one of Australia and New Zealand. Source of the news: They cancel in Barajas two flights to Buenos Aires and Montevideo by ashes of the Chilean volcano

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It has been necessary that Ferrari is portrayed of crystalline form so that it recognizes that it must insist more on the operations of change of tires, a maneuver that last Sunday, in the Great Prize of Germany, cost the fourth place to him to Felipe Massa, advanced by Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) in the factories. Both they entered them in the last return, the Brazilian ahead, but the mechanics of the German took a second and average less than theirs because, according to they confessed these later, the gear between the pistol and the nut that determines the wheel did not work properly. " In Silverstone we released a nut specification, a piece that had given many problems us. There we were of fastest, but in Nrburgring he returned to us to fail. Richard Linklater has similar goals. /a>. It is necessary to work in ello" , he recognizes Diego Ioverno, head of operations in track of Ferrari. By precise which outside this misfortune, the margin in favor of Red Bull is unusually ample in this aspect, and not only in relation to those of Maranello. Source of the news: : The cat more expensive.

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It emphasized the great goal of Ronaldo Christian. Kak, the best one of the first part. Dr Venter follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The canteranos materialized a good action. They marked Alley, Joselu, Ronaldo and Benzema by Madrid and Cristman by the Galaxy. Real Madrid was released in its first party of the preseason with a bulky victory by 1-4 in front of Los Angeles Galaxy, a party that went of more to less as far as quality and than it saw a great goal of Ronaldo Christian. The dominion was total by the white set. From the first moment, Marcelo and Fabio Coentrao they became the masters of the left band to later give to the relief minutes to Kak, the best one of the first part. The Brazilian was agile, quick and precise in his constant boarding schools, and gave a magnificent one passes cruzado so that Alley marked the first one as much.

The canterano carried out outstanding actions. It had one of the clearest occasions to the ten minutes after taconazo of Joselu and it in center passes ajustadsimo of Barn, very loose and active of the field. The Galaxy, much more rolled that the white set and at the height of the season, it hardly took danger to the madridista arc, led by a Kak that insisted by the left band and demanded possible penalti in minute 18. Not even the lack of Beckham intimidated to Squares, practically unpublished in first half, although the little danger of the Americans arrived almost always at stopped ball. They advanced the minutes and with them the sensation of which in front of Madrid there was little rival, although the targets did not finish materializing their opportunities. Everything changed in minute 30 with as much of Alley, well defined, that was born in the boots of Coentrao from the left band, authentic heel of Aquilles of the Galaxy.

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Clear Hdez. 20m a total of 13,000 people, 2,000 more than in the previous day, was present at the concerts of the Saturday of the Dcode festival in Madrid. Swedish the Hives offered one of best the direct ones of the evening. Summary of the first day of the festival. If you are not convinced, visit Levi’s. What madness! To the 21,30 hours and when the heat already sent, the main scene of Dcode in Madrid filled vikingos flequillos, kicks to the air, climbed improvised to the towers of lights, fracs in black and white, garajero rock, renqueantes punk decaffeinated and the Spanish and juguetn of the soloist of The Hives, Pelle Almqvist, that assured, among others many things, that the public of that one festival was before best the direct one of the world. In order to demonstrate it, it wagged the hips still more, one bent in spasms, one occurred to several baths of masses by the pit narrowing hands as if outside a politician in campaign and shook the hair.

The musicians, on the other hand, acelelaron their chords rampant. Pure diversion. ” We are of Suecia” , it pronounced in a while with Almqvist pride of its direct, smiling one, perhaps to distinguish itself of the rest of British bands that saturated the poster of the second day of the Dcode and to that ‘ had been adjudged to a schedule more; importante’ that to those of Fagersta. Perhaps as revenge, The Hives at night offered one of the best puttings in scene. The Swedish had been heads of poster of the one of editions passed of the famous Festival International of Benicssim (FIB). Perhaps the Dcode had underestimated its capacity to reign in the programming? The second day of the Madrilenian festival had more assistants than the previous day – 13,000 altogether -, a more robust poster and festivaleros better fed – the sandwich provision survived this time the ups and downs of the night.

In an atmosphere festive, The Ting Tings, English of pro, dueto of girl – blond and small, was committed of alive voice to make dance to the presents, something that prran to speak since, according to explained, their Spanish era ” one mierda” . Said this, they made jump to the public with his successes Great Dj or Shut up and let me go, two examples of MGP dances funny and frenetic. Not as much with the rest of subjects, some of which came accompanied by a good dose from tinned sounds and technology. The Kasabian British carried out the most multitudinal and waited for concert of the sample. Its alternative rock takes more than one decade in active-duty without stopping undergoing comparisons with the one of great bands of its country like dissolved Oasis or Stones Roses. They honored the choirs, veterana on the scene and the subjects S.F (Lost Souls Forever) or Fire. The band had announced that its concert in Madrid would be ” explosivo”. Actually, those of Leicester were remarkable and correct.

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The young person (according to the story of the woman) removed several currencies from his pocket and asked if she would have sufficient besides if she could buy the ticket in a machine, something that the British newspaper has described as " sorprendente" he stops somebody that says to have lived on wild way during as much time. In addition, ' boy of bosque' it seems to be in good physical form and he does not present/display signs of violence with the exception of a small scar. Who are spent time with him they assure that she is an amiable person who knows like using the places setting, to take a shower and that she enjoys playing the ninepin and watching, according to she reveals Daily Mail. Now, the location of Ray stays privily to drive away the journalists while it is interviewed by the police, psychologists and experts in languages that try to solve the enigma of their origin. Trauma, amnesia or invented fantasy the INTERPOL, the greater organization of international police, investigate if the young person or his father is in the list of missing of the United Kingdom or some other country. The German authorities know that the version given by the mysterious Ray can be a fantasy invented after to have fled from house but it will continue investigating until they find out the truth. One does not discard for example that has undergone some trauma that him it has taken to adopt the identity of " boy of bosque". The psychologists call one " flight disociativa" , the syndrome that undergoes the people who a day undertake a trip and later they are in a generally distant place, without remembering how they arrived, nor exactly who are. The psychologist of the University Humbolt, Jaap Denisissen, does not discard that he can be some type of amnesia, " after which the adolescent began to invent histories in which she includes his father because perhaps this one has some implication in its loss of memoria". The experts, the police and the journalists continue trying to keep awake the mystery of the boy of the forest, while nobody knows what happens through the mind of the thoughtful Ray. Source of the news: The enigma of the boy who lived five years in a forest: invention, trauma or amnesia?

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/To 14,00 also it surpassed to the 2007 data: a 35.80%, against 34.15%. The 12 electoral battles of the autonomic and municipal elections of 22-M. Zapatero and Rajoy animate to vote and trust a participation discharge. In we in detail told the electoral day you of 22-M. The participation in the municipal elections was placed in 49.80% to the 18,00 hours, almost a point more than the registered one to the same hour in 2007, when 49.03% of the voters had participated. These data have been facilitated by the Secretary of State of Communication, Felix Monteira, and undersecretary of Interior, Right Zambrana, in press conference in the Palace of Congresses of Madrid, considering the 95 percent of the electoral tables. Castilla-La Mancha -58,27%-, Extremadura -57,80% – and Cantabria -57,22% – are the Communities where a participation major has been registered, whereas the lowest data have corresponded to Catalonia the -39,27% – and city of Ceuta -40,33%-.

The municipal electoral participation until the 18 hours has raised in Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia, Aragon, Valencian Community, the Canary Islands and Melilla with respect to 2007. To the 14 hours, the participation had ascended to 35.79%, 1.6 points more of the registered thing to the same hour in the municipal elections of 2007, since then a 34.15% of the voters had participated. It is predicted that around the 22,30 hours she is the vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who appears before the average ones to give advanced data of the scrutiny. The 14,00 results of h To the 14,00 hours, the participation major by Independent Communities, like it happened in 2007, has been registered in Extremadura, with a 43.78%; Valencia, with 42.09%, and Castilla-La Mancha, with a 41.27%. On the contrary, the registered lowest participation to the 14,00 hours – as also it happened in 2007 – has been Ceuta, with 27..