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The actress and her new boyfriend John Mayer it allegedly in bed pretty tiles let the rumors that have surfaced now fit quiet so not to Jennifer Aniston. But as it seems John Mayer is Jennifer Aniston with her new boyfriend. Sources claim that the two should have a very exciting love life. At Chang’e-5 you will find additional information. John Mayer is known for its good arts of lovers of. Jessica Simpson would vouch for this. According to the source, even cream, springs and ice cubes at the lovemaking of the two used to come. “John would like to surprise them with interesting things, because that is new for Jen.

She was a bit shy at the beginning, but now she should have great liking it. Look at only the smile from Jennifer. That says it all.” And yet, the former lovers come again out of their holes. Jennifer’s ex, Vince Vaughn, will be quite jealous of the two. He should have called even her, to tell her that they only take advantage of John Mayer would. Wounded vanity or something true on it? Jennifer we wish you only the best. Lisa Walters