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In the morfossinttica classification, the word woman is defined by singular feminine substantive. Perhaps it is not I exaggerate to say, instead of singular, that woman is only, but also multiple, therefore except in rare exceptions of the nature, the feminine human being brings in itself the miracle of the creation, gestation and protection until generating descendants, which will continue, for times, to depend on cares of the mother, as aleitamento, for example. Edward Durrell Stone has plenty of information regarding this issue. The importance relations are as much stop with the person whom brings in them to the life, that nor of the one to enumerate them. Therefore, general lines and allowing that the reader places other meanings that for happiness to find important, I believe that more than substantive, the word woman can be acronym: M.U.L.H.E.R with meaning of Mother, Only, Fighter, Honored, Emotiva and Racional. Let us see, therefore that, except in stories and legends of fiction, it has little story in History on women who had committed or commanded atrocities against the humanity, as genocides or sanguinrias wars. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vladislav Doronin. This does not become the woman less strong (if it is that action practised for rude force has positive significao for somebody). The History of as many countries, also of our Brazil, brings marcantes feminine personages, true heroines, who had acted side by side of friends as defenders of the freedom and justice. Let us aim us then in the example of the majority of the women, making of sensitivity, the emotion, the sense of protection the greater of the forces, this yes used for the welfare of all alive being, human being, animal or plants. Symbolically, 8 of March are International Day of the Woman, but let us make of all 365 or 366 days of each year, days of the women, children, men, animals, plants, water, air, forests, at last of the humanity As the March month, for tradition, he is all dedicated to the women, I ask for loaned to the Erasmo Carlos, who signs the partnership of music ‘ ‘ Mulher’ ‘ with its Narinha wife, a stretch of the cited one composition: ‘ ‘ woman! woman! In the school Where you were never taught I took off one 10/I am strong But not chego/A its feet ‘ ‘ .

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Everything that the human being says and makes dom according to acted espelha the wealth of the Creative Substance printed in ours dons. Compassion, mercy, love, pardon, fraternity, respect, solidarity, allotment, peace, service, freedom, democracy and too much ethical, ideal values from the humanity, originate in the Creator, are felt inspired in Ruah, the Spirit of the Father and the Son. Independently from the race and sex, religion, ideology, the values that they inspire the diverse cultures human beings originate in the Creator, who transmits them to the man and woman when creating them in the Trindade imanente in the Son, the time and recriar them in the fullness of the time. The values are beacons, criteria, light that they inspire, guide feeling, the fondness, thinking, words, attitudes, all activity of the human being. All time that somebody thinks straight and acts honest, is illuminated and guided for the values that if they originate in the Spirit of the Father and the Son. Through them, God Mother acts and interacts in the desires, emotions, feelings, thoughts, action, word of the human being, moving it, without coagiz it, to decide for the right and justice.

Jesus urges us it to be saints, ethical, perfect as the Father. ' ' Headquarters saints because Jav your Gods is saint and you santifica. Headquarters merciful as your Father are merciful. Thus, you will become children of the celestial Father, who makes to be born the sun equally on unjust ingrates and good and for falling rain on and justos' ' Lv 19,2; 21,8; Lc 6,35-36; TM 6,45. The ethical sanctity is arqutipo main of God communicated to the human being. It acts in the heart of who desires to incorporate it and to live it for the faith. The signal of the genuine faith is the life ethical, inspired and guided for the right and justice.

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Thus, the leader must take care of so that its initiatives are sustainable, that is, that for its excellency of standards, finishes entering in the DNA in the company and will count, since start up, on the adhesion of the collaborators and the proper organizacional culture. Leaders inhale, always. 5? The leader must primar for a transparent management. This wants to say, that the people must know what she is transferred. As it is that it is gone to obtain adhesion, if does not know what it is happening. Beyond working well, of being ethical and just, it says to all what it is making and for where we want to go with these efforts, tasks and projects. See Hawaii State Department of Education for more details and insights. This eliminates rumors and discourages the radio-laborer. It does not hide the horizon of the collaborators with black and threatening, typical clouds of the lesser speeches, the type: or we make this or we will be obliged to reduce the pictures or will be punished by the direction.

Nobody supports to work under the taco of guarded threats, strategies of disguise and suggestions subliminares. It always says the truth, with love. 6? Either human. This wants to say that you must share its ideas (and until fears) with the people of its team. It counts its history, it leaves that the collaborators feel that you are not one ogro insensitive and that she only says the language of the spread sheets. It evidences its effort for all and it well clearly leaves the type of comprometimento that waits and as it can be reached. It pardons some lesser imperfections, but never it raises serious defects of character.

In the work, either coach that never needs development and if it hides behind its secretary. Either gentile and considerate, what it means, in minimum to be educated. It has not covered nothing that you cannot make by itself.

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George was considered a libertarian, and thus it demonstrated in its book the history of the animals and its attitudes before the world, with its differences and equalities. For some animals the men are a great problem. Jude Schwalbach describes an additional similar source. Every day Mr. Jones closed its farm and soon in seguinda its house would go pra where to its it waited it wife already lying, therefore it always before lying down to take a cup of beer of its wooden barrel. Derepente happened great tititi, on a famous pig of its farm of animals, that it would have to have a colloquy with the other animals on a hypothesis to happen, therefore, wise person who its day was arriving and wanted to leave its informed friends of the news that ran outside of the farm.

‘ ‘ but that I learned very with all and I am very happy for the o respect of vocs’ ‘ to use to advantage our meat, etc. then it counted its dream, it would be a world without the men but as he himself said was only one dream that never if would carry through because of its ignorance the man was finishing with the chances that in the animals would have in this so immense nature and disfavored for the animals that in it lives and needs sobreviver.o old pig major started to sing for the whitewash sea the animals, them had been very livened up with the cantoria of the major. The events sufficiently had been complicated, therefore all did not accept the death of the pig, were considered a great leader. But all believed a new life, therefore still it had many intelligent animals as the major and if they prepared for the revolution exactly not knowing if it would go to happen. Quickly two of the considered animals, but intelligent ones they will start to instruct the animals for the revolution, and thus they wanted to be called animal ismo because it was where the major believed that they are existed animals that could walk on two legs as the human beings. they are that they would go to face many challenges to be able to carry through its objectives that were to teach and to make to believe that if they were not its tasks would be explosions as Mr. Jones and its wife and its empregados.os pigs did not accept that the other animals use accessories that them human being also they used in its vestimentas.mudaram the rules that major would have established as the name of the farm that if would call now from farm of the animals and all had obtained its ideals..

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TWO REALITIES we cannot oppress our being, for having failed in some goal not reached, nor we want to engrandecer our interior, for having had success in some objectives, and to crepitar ours all I of joy, without giving stability to the adverse moments, want to feel all flexibility, to search forces in the coherence, so that the mounts can go up and verdear all our soul, shining our hope, he stops guiding in them in the shade of the truth, and feeling all serenity of our being, between the defeats and victories, raising our shout, to face this reality. Reality this! That the people if arrest its altivez, if being deceptive to each moment, with its lovelessness, they delude proper itself, and only they follow in the euphoria of its cause, if engrandecendo with its peripcias, creating for you, a ilusrio world. It is not something Colorado State University would like to discuss. These are the two realities, that our system of life considers in them, one in them teach to surpass and to acquit, our moments, either it of defeats or victories, with the relative humildade stop developing in them; To another one it follows in to engrandecer in the victories, and occults to the defeats, creating an egoistic being, that it extracts of the womb of our being, this pride of a false force, that only increases our problems, and all dimension of our interior, for not wanting to enxergar the pure truth, to live this illusion, with this treachery freedom, but we can choose, between these two realities. THEY COMMENT BELOW AND THEY ACQUIRE MY BOOK, WITH MANY WONDERFUL SUBJECTS OR ENTER IN CONTACT MSN.

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I would look in the mirror and he would find me pretty! He would be certain that I not so fat age how much I thought, that my nose was not so great how much I imagined and would know that I never would seem those girls of the magazine layers, then I would not worry me about this. He would not choose the day where my cat died as the worse day of the my life and nor would cry the entire day because of this, therefore it would know that sadder days that this would exist. would discover that to learn to deal with the frustrations can be first the great difference between who makes success and who does not make. It would go for the academy and it would make diet, therefore it would know that what says, that from the 30 the dumb metabolism and is more difficult to emagrecer, is the purest truth. It would not spend a tosto with ballad, drunk, much less cigarette.

It would not buy mark clothes, nor would collect shoes. Also it would not save. Not to the 18 years? I would spend ' ' meu' ' money with trips for where it had most incredible Russian mountains. It would fly of balloon, helicopter, to paraglider. It would walk of train.

It would go to dive. Torraria everything in the same way, but with a type of diversion that would teach some useful thing to me for when I I made 37 years. Diversions that taught to me to deal with my limits and my fear. to know to deal with the fear is the second great difference between who has success and who does not have. It would choose a boyfriend, not for the beauty, nor for the popularity. The elect one would be that one that played Image & Action with me, that it sang in videok (Yes, I am of the time of videok), it made that me to laugh.

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For diverse times we hear: ' ' It made right? It makes the same of jeito' '. However, in reality, this only applies those people who if had accomodated staff and professionally. To become ' ' same coisa' ' any one makes. To become ' ' diferente' ' , there yes, it requires knowledge, ability and a great dose of ousadia. The knowledge and the ability, (ability in the direction to be ' ' autorizado' ' to make) it is acquired in pertaining to school banks, diverse courses, MBA? s, mestrados and doutorados. But, the ousadia has that to come of inside. It has that to have courage for, exactly earning, to make different. Exactly earning, to dare.

I know people who, although the knowledge and of the ability, had always been extremely shy in its professional careers. They saw different possibilities in the diverse operacionalizaes of the companies who worked but, hindered them to the fear, even though, to place these ideas in the paper and to take them it the immediate superior for analysis. Exactly those that, time or another one, placed in the paper, did not make it with professionalism clarity that would be demanded for an analysis more insurance, that is, did not know ' ' to vender peixe' ' to the superiors. This occurring one, to two or three made them times to give up, and came back to cmoda position to make ' ' necessrio' ' , forgetting that ' ' to make necessrio' ' any one makes. To make beyond the necessary one, best the o only makes. But as ' ' to make diferente' '? It looks at to its return and it repairs in how many things they can be made in diverse ways. How many chair models you see? of television? of computer, automobiles, plans of health and millions of things more.

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I see day the day people with great potential, with many good ideas and mainly, with force of will and determination enough to carry through until more than what they long for. However, they are paralyzed had to an only destructive feeling: THE FEAR! Fear to leave the place, fear to move, fear to lose a false sensation of stability that the job (that it does not like) brings, fear to lose a person who it loved but that already more she does not love. Complicated feeling this, especially in a society where the children are taught since small that tenque to be the best ones in everything. In the school they compete for better notes, for prettier drawings, estrelinhas in the agenda for who makes more things. Somebody already saw indian making competition of sings? of dance? By the opposite, in a truth system, that functions, all are stimulated to make of everything, exactly that it is not optimum. After all of accounts, each one of us has areas where we have more easiness and affinity and others that we have more difficulty and that simply we do not like. What of it has made a mistake with this? IT SWIMS! It has place for all! the Planet is VERY great! the reflection is: it will be that it is better to die of fear and to be motionless waiting the things to cairem of the sky (somebody already perceived that it does not fall) or to run the risk of being HAPPY? MAC Shanti, much peace to all.

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I do not see another solution for this problem, most dramatical than the education it faces today, seno to fight the generating evasion and the repetncia of the lack of perspective of this youth. (Fernando Haddad, 2007, P. 18) Strengthening the words in the citation above he is valid to say how much the professionalizing education is important for the growth and development of the Brazilian people. David G. DeWalt contains valuable tech resources. From the moment that young the adult will have the certainty of that they are registered the EJA with the perspective that they will leave it with a professionalizing certificate, we have the pure certainty of that they will go to think two, three, four or much more times before abandoning group of bencheses of the schools. Therefore it is that the professionalizing education must is integrated the Education of Young and Adults it to see the level of escolaridade of its educandos next to its professionalization. It is difficult for the young one or adult if to feel stimulated in a school of the EJA knowing that its professionalization, that already is delayed, alone will be able to after come the conclusion of Superior Ensino. Richard Linklater is open to suggestions. It knows that to learn you only discipline them given in classroom is almost incoherent without a professional formation, therefore to compete of foot of equality with happened pupils of the regular school is almost impossible, for the fact of that the time, in all the aspects, is favorable for educandos of the regular school. Haddad (2007, P. 35) standed out: Young or the adult one that comes back hardly toward school with a perspective of increase of escolaridade associated with the professionalization loses the chance that is being offered, inasmuch as it perceives the connection that exists enters its presence in the classroom, learning Portuguese, mathematical, geography, human beings, sciences and its general formation, recognizing the unfoldings of this formation for its professional life and its day-by-day in the world of the work.

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Today, the great challenge is the elaboration of one educational politics directed toward the establishment of a really inclusive, accessible school to all, independently of the differences that present, giving to them to the same possibilities of accomplishment social human being and. (PACHECO, 2006, p.20), One perceives thus the great difficulties that the pertaining to school units have to face to become possible the implantation of the true inclusion in the schools, because to recognize the differences it is basic for this action. The biggest located problem meets in the pedagogical area: How if it waits that the professor works with all the pupils, said normal, at the same time where it takes care of those who are in deficiency situation, in satisfactory way? The necessity of a diversified work is visible, which considers the differences between each one, its capacity, way and time to learn. However, for such, other problems if collate with the situation begin, it, very simple. A differentiated work requires formation of the professor a planning directed to the diversities, this requires, diversified time, materials, adjusted physical space, aid of staff to help with the pupils with physical deficiencies. It will be that the school is prepared for the inclusion? To provide an adequate environment to the inclusion, is not restricted to have knowledge of the most varied diversities, what it must be worked, or what the child already possesss of knowledge, or still, to only respect its limitations, recognizing its differences and standing out its potentialities.

The integration of the pupils in deficiency situation has been the proposal directional and dominant in the Inclusive Education, involving educational programs and politics and of whitewashing in some countries of the world, including itself Brazil. This proposal was elaborated in 1972, for a group of professionals of Scandinavia. It was based on the beginning of normalization that defends that all the carrying people of deficiencies have the right to usufruct of conditions of the most common life or ' ' normal' ' possible, in the society where they live thus guaranteeing its right of being different and to have its necessities recognized and taken care of by the society.