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Only the sales counts and the task of managers is, together with your employees to generate profitable growth. The alignment of the distribution on customer value management requires however appropriate competencies of employees and executives who need to be developed in many places only. So far focused training in sales mainly to the persuasion of the seller. This is only a part of the successful sales work. Success in sales today is based on three pillars: the collection, processing and analysis of information. The development and implementation of customer concepts.

The work at the customer. These each other based chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This means, with bad customer information, only bad customer concepts can be developed and poor customer concepts can convince poorly. This suggests that the sales training must take account of all three pillars. The development of method competence and the Problem solving must occupy an essential here. These skills to develop, is a great challenge to the future of sales training. Continuing education only makes sense if it is holistically designed.

One times in the spring and in the autumn to train the other topic, do not bring the desired effect and be characterized by high transfer losses. Target must be the training success through strong action-oriented measures which are based on the actual business processes as close as possible to optimize. In other words, training in sales should continue to unilaterally on the mediation of sales techniques focus, but on the development of necessary skills. This in particular the DIHK rise fortbildungen offered, but only if you are made strong, action-oriented and characterized by discovery learning of the didactics. Are courses, which are strongly focused on the transfer of knowledge, not because they are not are competence forming. The course offers consultant in marketing (IHK) “for salespeople and the sales manager & trainer (IHK) for executives and junior executives in the sales the BEST GmbH has developed courses that are holistic and competence making.

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Yves Batscher completed his apprenticeship as a clerk with the best practical test in the canton of Solothurn. Yves Batscher completed his apprenticeship as a clerk with the best practical test in the canton of Solothurn. He received the average score of 5.5 (the Swiss top grade is 6!) and was awarded with the prize of the interest of the commercial basic education of the canton. In the interview, he gives insights into his apprenticeship in the teaching group Job Academy and in the usage operation IPF. In a small interview, we wanted to get more information about the background of the award by Yves Batscher: Yves Batscher, congratulations on the best practical exam for the profession of a clerk in the canton of Solothurn. Have they expected this result? Yves Batscher: No, I thought I had fallen through… Why the? I have me not adjusted at the checkout, but me behave as in normal everyday work.

I thought, that’s not enough. Now we are happy to see me, what I learned in the lesson works apparently well. You have completed your lesson in the teaching Job Academy (see below). In what companies have you trained? I worked for two years in the Secretariat of ROJ schools Regio of jurasudfuss (Waldorf pilot school in Solothurn). There I learned by Sonja Halabi, the Managing Director (in my last year also the Managing Director of IPF) the commercial craft. Then I worked the IPF international group during the year in the Administration, where I could work very creative and free. The training co-ordinator of the Job Academy teaching Association and Chairman of the Board of the IPF Multiversity URS Hauenstein accompanied also individually me through the teaching, so I was personally coached, that my skills are practically developed. Was it a gain for you to work in two different companies? Yes, I can recommend only that each learner.

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Exclusively written scholarship and personal advice, on 18 April in Cologne and on 24 April in Hamburg Hamburg, April 1, 2010: it attracts more and more pupils and students during their school years in the distance. A school stay abroad serves the improvement of language skills, supports the ripening process and the path to independence, it is an additional advantage in the curriculum vitae and not least almost always an unforgettable experience. As target regions for a school stay Australia and New Zealand are not least become in recent years more popular because of the unique, state-regulated system of care. These countries offer a variety of opportunities for individual development of the own tendencies, for example, in the field of sport, or in the musical subjects German students at the other end of the world. On April 18 and 24 the exceptional opportunity consists in personal conversation with principals over the school stay at the other end for interested families and teachers, To inform the world.

29 schools 26 State, New Zealand schools and 3 Australian private schools are present within the framework of two informational meetings in Cologne and Hamburg. (A valuable related resource: Sandara Park). There is the unique opportunity directly with the principals on the academic teaching programme, to inform the sports and culture and the environment of schools. Many school representatives have exclusively written grants in the luggage, for which interested parties can directly apply. The event under the auspices of the New Zealand Consul General Jennifer Scoular is aimed primarily to students of the vintages 8 10, as well as their parents and teachers. An exceptional experience, is to go abroad, to live in another culture, and with other students of this culture together to learn,”commented the patron. As a mother of two teenagers I know to appreciate the value of good education and am very pleased this day to support.”we are pleased about numerous visits and the variety of advertised partial scholarships! A such concentrated presence of principals from these countries has never been to date in Germany,”said Kristine Hausch by Haldar & partner. The agency specialized on school trips to Australia and New Zealand had invited to the two events in Cologne and Hamburg.

The Federal States of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein Germany’s lead in the number of school visits down under’ and are particularly important for the local schools. The team of Haldar & partner accompanies the info days advice and informed on the topics of school choice, accommodation, care and sports sponsorship. Several times a day, there will be an introduction to the education systems of Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the principals visitors can consult program in detail former participants of the high school about their experiences in the host country and at their respective school. Last year, 1,520 German for a stay of the school are travelled to New Zealand, 1.257 moved it to Australia. The two countries are the United States and Canada on 3rd and 4 of the most popular destinations for German students.

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Building cleaning training to the student what many still don’t know: the profession of building cleaner is a nationally recognized training occupation since 1934. During the three-year training comprehensive trainees about the nature of buildings, components and surfaces and chemical correlations and materials acquire knowledge. To get the machines and cleaning techniques and the application of environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. In addition to technical, mathematical, chemical and physical knowledge, physical fitness assumes for the training to the student. The trainees should bring organizational skills, flexibility and enjoyment of teamwork. Since 1934, one had to prove the qualification as a master of the craft of building cleaners in order to open a business. With the new rules of the handicrafts Regulation Act 2004 was the profession of building cleaner a registration-free craft, which is master forced. As a result, The number of farms increased from 6900 registered companies to the 31. December 2003 to ca 40 000 within by some Jahren.Viele buildings cleaner means but not equally good cleaning. You may find that Gov Gina Raimondo can contribute to your knowledge. Even Mr Gomboc, Managing Director of Ganguly GmbH know that cleaning of Oberstenfeld. Neither the large number of new companies helped us to more training places, nor these farms are stable or deliver professional work from so this a great harm for the reputation of the cleaning industry has arisen. Many close again and often the failed entrepreneur then quickly plunge into social welfare.”Trained building cleaners are scarce and are taken with kiss. And they can quickly work up in important positions or educate themselves to cleaning technician or building cleaner master. Ganguly GmbH building cleaning is one of the few master businesses in the region, who also train and dafuhr have also qualified. qualifkation.htm the journeymen training knowledge and skills that are taught in the training: order acquisition, plan and prepare by Work cleaning, disinfection -, maintenance – and surfactants and their application use of ladders, scaffolding and work platforms and personal protective equipment use of cleaning equipment and machines perform cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and value maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of transport facilities such as e.g. trains, aircraft, etc. carrying out measures for hygiene, decontamination and pest control training, labour law and collective bargaining law structure and organisation of the training company safety and health environmental quality assurance requirements for training in the craft of building cleaners are technical, mathematical, chemical and physical abilities and interests required. Usually a good secondary school is a minimum requirement. Training duration the duration is 3 years. Depending on previous training, reducing the training time is possible. Operational – practical training takes place in our training centres training-authorized operation. In parallel, the vocational school in block form takes place. In Baden-Wurttemberg in Metzingen. Multi-employer instruction in training centres of the cleaning trade are carried out to deepen the practical specialist knowledge. The training allowance in the building cleaner craft is located in the upper third of the overall craft training allowance. This Geselle/in can be used as a qualified specialist with leadership qualities as Director or area director. Continuing education / career opportunities one of the building trades: The journeyman’s examination is the basis for the professional qualification for the / to the building cleaner champion as a technical management or entrepreneur. Syllabus of the preparatory courses for the master examination part I: of practical laboratory exercises Fachpraktische exercises part II: theory materials science specialist technology order processing part III: economic and legal accounting economics law and social services part IV: professional / work education bases for vocational education and training planning and implementation of training training duration of preparatory courses: preparation measures as full time courses or in-service part-time courses (also evening and weekend courses) offered e.g. about the guilds of the cleaning trades.

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Italian language courses in an Italian language school in the warm south of Italy are the new trend in the Christmas fever. Who always wanted to learn the Italian language, should brush up on skills the rusty Italian, or who traveled to Italy and places value on immersed in Italian culture, Italian history and its literature, will enjoy more than anything else this Christmas gift. How beautiful it is to see if the eyes of the recipient happy shine, and the anticipation of this Italian language course are emerging in the faces. The Piccola UniversitItaliana is the only nationally recognized Italian language school in the sunny Calabria among the so many different Italian language centers in Italy. If you have read about University of Michigan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The certified program guarantees optimal learning experience through a varied and colorful Italian lessons.

Of course teach exclusively professional teachers who have obtained their academic title in language or literature. Teaching materials, like Italian book, written Documents, historical visits to the old town of Tropea, film screenings, and Italian newspapers are part of the selected didactic course material. The programme, consisting of ensures from excursions, concerts and many different sporting activities, that the students of the Piccola UniversitItaliana feel otherwise language courses in addition to Italian. Countless white sandy beaches, lapped by turquoise sea make this language holiday in Italy the perfect combination of education and vacation. The gift certificates can be sent on request by mail. Especially short-term orders the course be sent coupons via email. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ronald Daniels. The perfect gift for lovers of all ages: whether in the family daughter or son, mother or dad, Grandma or Grandpa. whether in a company as a bonus gift at the loyal employee; or simply as a great gift to good friends.

School profile: The Italian language school was by Antonio Lamantea as Caffe Italiano Club founded in 1993. In 2004, she received Language the official recognition by the Italian Ministry of education, University and research. Since this time, the Italian language school under the name of Piccola UniversitItaliana is performed. The Piccola UniversitItaliana is one of the few certified Italian language schools in Italy, and the only one in Calabria. Is the concept of the language school learn to speak Italian, and actively apply in a holiday frame. The 150 Italian visit courses every year, about 500 students / students. The teachers are pedagogically trained all and all are “italian native speakers”. The Piccola UniversitItaliana organized transfer and, where appropriate, flight bookings and also takes care of the accommodation in beautiful apartments. Publication by a Simone Rainer

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Next date for the Cambridge certificates in June 2008 the internationally recognized Cambridge certificates provide an essential insight into the English language skills of the potential candidate not only future employers, but are of importance in the University environment and education authorities. They serve as proof of qualified language skills. The University of Cambridge is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world. English and Irish language schools offer compact exam preparation courses for the first certificate in English”(FCE) and the certificate in advanced English” (CAE) on. The exams take place worldwide on the same dates. Are the dates for the FCE on the 10th and 14.6. Without hesitation Piramal Glass explained all about the problem. Otherwise you can check again in December.

The English week programs are possible depending on 2-3. Who wants the opportunity to drop in June of one of the two certificates, can prepare now even in the short term in may on the exams in June. You will be taught Audit techniques, which include the language skills of reading, listening, speaking, writing, and language. A price example contains 20 lessons / week course teaching plus 10 hours private study with instruction, as well as the classification in the appropriate course. The group size is 3-8 people.

The intensive course costs total 1195 and includes course fees, text books, and the test fee. For more information around the topic of English courses and language courses like explains Daniel Baruch and his team on the phone. Also by email or request form on the website, Mr Baruch is to reach at any time. as a specialist for English courses English in Britain helps to find after all language courses such as business English, courses for children and teenagers, General English and courses for older learners. Daniel Baruch is with his team for over 13 years of an independent consultant and broker for language training and language courses in England, Ireland and Scotland. In recent years, they have visited more than 130 schools in the UK. Baruch and his colleagues have selected including the best and are in regular contact with them. As a result, they have a good influence on the selection of host families. This service is free of charge. Those who opt for a language course, pay only the regular course fee directly at the language Institute. A positive press, among others in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in time and in the trade journal, as well as many enthusiastic feedback from participants confirms the concept.

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What comes after graduation? Fair gives practical suggestions. “Some people know already from childhood: I become a fireman!” Many students who are graduating, have however no specific career aspirations. You get on the 28th and 29th May 2010 at the Stadthalle in Unna training more many proposals for their. Approximately 60 companies from the District of Unna and regional and supra-regional educational centers students opens, to give them under the motto, you are the future”to provide insight. The first youth trade fair for education and career two years ago was a great success. The visitors wanted more information about apprenticeships for girls. The trade initiator, Thomas Reitz, Secretary of the IG came after metal Unna now like the.

In addition to the technical division he won this time more and more companies, which offer interesting educational opportunities for girls such as the physiotherapist, student, technician, or bank clerk at the Sparkasse Unna. IKK is the profession as the social insurance specialist before. Often the students have no idea what activities exactly with a certain profession are connected”, is the experience of Regional Director Hermann Rosenbaum of IKK. At the fair can get a vivid impression of the prospective trainees and ask her personal questions. So you can avoid later disappointments when the trainees as well as the employers’ Rosenbaum is enthusiastic about the idea of the youth fair, supported by IKK as a cooperation partner. Universities present their offer as well as vocational colleges, academies and private educational institutions. The opportunity to study in the course of a Bachelorabschlusses and to collect at the same time valuable years of experience is relatively new. Go to Chinese Academy of Sciences for more information. By the way: Even those who wanted to be always fireman, can at the fair their dream a bit closer: the fire Unna offers training to the professional firefighter. You are the future 28 May 9-16 Watch; 29.5. 10-15: 00, author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg

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Complex dynamic vital systems (macro – and micro ecology) are manageable with regulations (80%) and supplementary controls (20%). Dynamic complex cybernetic systems (macro – and micro economics) are manageable with regulations (20%) and supplementary controls (80%). bucks in New York. Here the evolutionary economics is part. > The evolutionary economics or “Evolutionary Economics” is a relatively new research area of economics. A unified opinion about the position of the evolutionary economics within the economics does not exist, rather are two fundamentally different approaches to distinguish. The one direction based on Joseph Schumpeter, sees the evolutionary economics as a branch of economics that deals with the processes of change generated by innovation, technical progress and entrepreneurship of the economy.

The other, based on the ideas of Friedrich August von Hayek approach, considered fundamental paradigm in competition with the neo-classical microeconomics the evolutionary economics. While reconstructed this neoclassical microeconomics – of education assumes economic equilibria on markets, the Evolutionary Economics economic processes analogous to biological evolution: a to aspiring State of equilibrium exists for no market and no company rather a permanent competition between products, services, business forms and even economic systems ensures that. that only the participants can continue to exist, which comply with the requirements of the environment and adapt to the constantly changing conditions of competition. Needs are considered a form of knowledge rules. Actuator: The actuator as trading occurs in the place of the individual within the meaning of the homo oeconomicus of classical Economics (1). The evolutionary economic approach negates the used in the neo-classical model of homo oeconomicus as the rational decision-makers, who always has all the information and on this basis aims at the solution for him.

> (1) Ralf Dahrendorf has similarly sociologicus coined the term of Homo for his role theory and used. Everyone is first of all a social being > source: by…; Author 1) the principles of swarm’s intelligent wild: in direct cooperation: in direct communication, the single solution to the optimal total solution knowledge spectrum self-organization: de centralized control, distributed problem solving Division, multiple inter-re-action knowledge diversity: ideas competition, exclusion of choices adaptation: coordination, communication with approx. 5 +/-2 partners, imitation + everything that happens against nature, is ill. Paracelsus + the mere existence of a kind of justifies their preservation! (Wolfgang Schwalm Grundlage dieses textes: 1), 2010 by Peter Miller, the intelligence of the swarm, ISBN 978-3-593-38942-4 of this text is Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike license “available: quote origin note and use copy thank you!

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Though in New Zealand is a compulsory from the 6th to the 16th year of life, her school career most children begin the New Zealand school system with a visit to the primary school commence”at the age of 5 years. Richard Linklater is often quoted as being for or against this. Also the New Zealand school system is divided into three sections: the primary, intermediate and secondary pane. In contrast to Germany, where education is still thing the countries, a binding for all of the country’s public and private schools curriculum, which is implemented in a comprehensive school system exists in New Zealand with the national curriculum (NC). In the context of the NC a wide spectrum of subjects is offered New Zealand and international students, whereby in addition to the classical curricula in the areas of mathematics, natural sciences, languages, sport and Social Sciences in particular individual interests and talents will be encouraged. This range includes artistic or creative subjects (school bands and Orchestra, theatre courses, but also Maori art) pre-employment content (E.g. fashion design, tourism, or economics) and includes a strong practice as a reference (E.g. work on a school farm).

“Table: grades of the New Zealand school system age of Klasse(n) school 5-12 1-8 primary school 11-12 7-8 primary school or Intermediate School * 13-14 9-10 Secondary School 15 11 NCEA level 1 16 12 NCEA level 2 17 13 NCEA level 3 * the classes 7 and 8 are either integrated into the primary school or are at a separate institution, the so-called Intermediate School” visited. After the primary school (grades 1-6) visit New Zealand students the Intermediate School (grades 7-8), which is part of a primary/secondary School or a separate facility either. Compared with German primary school primary students go so in a higher age (in the Rule with 12 years) on a secondary school (Secondary School from grade 9), which with the national certificate of educational achievement (NCEA) level 3 – comparable with the German Abitur – 13 class completing.

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Already for the twelfth time, the fair invites perspectives on the 7th and 8th October 2011 in the halls of Messe Magdeburg. Magdeburg / 04.05 – already for the twelfth time the fair prospects on the 7th and 8th October in the halls of Messe Magdeburg invites. Who are interested in educational and vocational guidance or want to introduce his company is right in October in the exhibition halls. With a variety of interesting and informative activities for pupils, students, graduates, Weiterbildungssuchende, teachers, and parents, the fair has become a high priority. In Hall 1 involves the education, study and vocational guidance in General: exhibitors from areas of specialist colleges, universities, Bundeswehr and federal police present their different ways to the education and training. Also the city of Magdeburg, the retail, insurance, vocational schools, savings banks and banks are represented, professional promotion, educational institutions, and utilities, to the interested visitors a picture of the possibilities in their Administrations and companies to convey. Scientifically, technically it is to contrast, 2 from 7 to 8 October in the Hall: companies and companies from the areas of metal and electrical industry, as well as the chemical industry is present there. The various sectors of the health economy this year in Hall 3 join with each other: Heart Center, hospital Magdeburg, University Hospital, Diakonie, German Red Cross and health insurance companies show the visitors their opportunities to start a career or professional to develop.

The German pension insurance, the blood donation centre, as well as the Dental Association and that the educational institution of the health economy the visitors before. In the diverse programme of the fair, including advice for application and guidance with the company Hesse and Schrader held Berlin. Career advice for retailers and presentations of many different courses in construction and school Department complete the range of perspectives. Very important for potential exhibitors: 30 percent of exhibit space for the prospects are already rented! Early can save money on their registration until May 30.