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The funny question around the opposing interpretations regarding the orderly of the Ceia Saint. The elements of the bread and the wine are mere representative symbols or changed into the true body and blood of Christ for occasion of the mass? The data presented in this article intend to elucidate the question and to launch light on this exhausting debate. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Eucaristia; Sacrifice; Sacrament; Mass and Supper. NSW Department of Education has many thoughts on the issue.

ABSTRACT The present article has objective you present of concise form, theological historical and aspects that involve the controversial romanist dogma of the Eucharist. The question is about the opposing interpretations regarding the orderly of the Lords Supper. The elements of the bread and the wine ploughs mere representative symbols or changed into the true body and blood of Christ will be occasion of the mass? The dates presented in this article intend you elucidate the question and you give light on this exhausting problem. KEY-WORDS: Eucharist; Sacrifice; Sacrament; Mass and Supper. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vladislav Doronin. None another question in the protestantismo, since the primrdios of this movement, offered as many theological difficulties as the question of the sacramentos. All the protest of the Reformation was opposed basically to the sacramental system of the Roman catolicismo.

In special, the controversy around the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Supper you was longest and more serious of the conflicts that had come out between the followers of the Protestant Reformation. Historically, this debate created and continues creating separation between some Christian groups. Therefore, this is a subject that, at the same time, joins or divides the Christianity..

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In this construction that functioned as an astrological astroroof astral practical age at the same time a temple for, where if they also consulted, to the inhabitants of air (Espritos of demons, fallen Angels who if make to pass for Ascencionados Masters, Espritos of deceased, etc.). Click Vladislav Doronin to learn more. They present themselves in closed meetings, after to have been evoked through the Practical medinicas or ocultistas (the convict for God), with a definite intention. Each step of the stairs represented periods of training of the acquired Knowledge (Gnose), called Initiations. Expansion of conscience. The same nomenclature is used still today, in the Schools of Mysteries? Initiation.

Ninrode in Old Babilnia, the Papado in Modern Babilnia NINRODE. Gnesis 10:8 Was the Ninrode Monarch, king of Babilnia the responsible one for the construction of this Tower. It wanted to incarnate the Cosmic Order in its proper person, bringing for itself all honor, all glory and power. Nowadays, the Pope takes for itself this same authority, saying itself representative of God in the land. Of it he is said in the Word: ' ' Which if opposes and if it raises against that if it calls God or it is cult object, the point to be based itself in the sanctuary of God, showing off as if was the proper Deus' ' II Tess. 2:4 Ninrode was seen as a being the holy ghost, a man God. (Equal to the Pope, nowadays).

Flvio Josefo, Jewish historian tells: ' ' Little by little, Ninrode transformed the state of things into a tyranny, supporting that the only way to move away to the men from the fear the God was continuously makes them dependents of its proper poder' '. OBJECTIVE: Ninrode intended To integrate in its proper one to be, the forces that control the Universe dom to manipulate the forces of the Nature. The forces of the Four Elements.

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The people In this world are existing, some types of weapons. Weapons that wound, weapons that kill, are classified they as cutting weapons or black. Many writers such as Foundation Academy offer more in-depth analysis. More I want to say it, that a weapon exists that is not treated regularly in science books, is either perhaps the weapon that kills more than a bore 47, that it wounds more than a knife, that bitter more than the poison. It is known as the word of its next one. it reaches in the point more fragile than the human being possesss. The heart. Perhaps in some part of its history, you already it heard to speak, that it is a dud, either launched it, for familiar colleagues or until friends.

However who of the freedom for is word to arrive at the door of your heart is its prpia choice. Its heart its speech has the power to influence its floor and to think. is through it that you will make what it is convenient with the word, it will leave if it in air, it catches if it for itself or if it modifies exactly it. If you are not convinced, visit Vladislav Doronin. In this world you already are born winning a maratona. God says in its word that, you were selected since the womb. if the proper God already you said who to it you are, why she would import herself in such a way with what the men think and say of you, you. The important one, is not what the people say. more yes what you will make with what they had said.

It knows that you have the power to choose. More the hard one is to know that it does not possess the power of being chosen. The true wisdom of a winner is to know, to play chess, alavancando, a strategy, to leave with the victory in 1 moved rock. But you do not possess the knowledge on the rules of the game before reading or Practising. She has not covered to be charged, does not make so that they make for you, why, no matter how hard no person, looks at to it, she knows that God is observing to it. Then the beauty of its acts is the idea is something abstract, that it is materialize in the heart of observes Who it.

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If It had come to the world to only save the right ones, then we, the pecadores, would be irremediably lost; but same Jesus said: ' ' I did not come to call right, but pecadores, to arrependimento.' ' (Lc.5: 32). By the way, it is our injustice that proves the Justice of God (Rm.3: 5). But, it would still say somebody: ' ' I am pecador, needy pecador! As Jesus he goes to import itself with me, since mine sins are abundant? ' ' The Word of God answers: ' ' Sobreveio, however, the law so that the offence abundasse; but, where the sin abundou, graa.&#039 superabundou; ' (Rm.5: 20) This exactly, expensive reader, our sins is many, abundant exactly, but the Favour of Christ is superabundant, muitssimo bigger that our sins! If the extension of our sins goes of the place where we are, until the confines of the Land, the Favour Mr. Black Lives Matter has compatible beliefs. Jesus if extends of the Throne of its Favour, that is in the Infinite Heights, until the place where we find in them; until our heart! Simply it does not have as to compare the abundance of our sins, for more abundant than they are, with the Superabundant Favour of Christ. Therefore Jesus guarantees in them that MANY will leave the east and ocidente, of the north and the south, that is, of all the places of the Land, and will recline it the table in the Kingdom of God; will be called to the Supper of the Weddings of the Lamb (Ap.19: 9). Yes, praised, glorified, exaltado and adored either our God, Only because All-Sufficient Salvador and Gentleman, therefore, favours to-somente It, are MUITOS the ones that if they save! (Gn.15: 5; 17:5,6; Nm.23: 10; 1Sm.17: 45; 1Rs.19: 18; Sl.24: 10; Is.2: 2-4; 11:12; 49:6; 56:8; 60:3,5,11; Dn.7: 10; 12:2,3; Jn.3: 5,11; Mq.4: 1-4; Ml.1: 11; Mt.3: 5,6; 8:11; Mc.1: 5; Lc.11: 32; 13:29; Jo.2: 23; 7:31; 8:30; 10:16,42; 11:45: 12:11,18; At.2: 41,47; 4:4,32; 5:14; 6:7; 9:31,35; 10:45; 11:18,21,24; 13:47,48; 19:18; Rm.1: 5; 4:16 – 18; 11:4,5; 15:9 – 11; Tg.1: 1; 1Pd.1: 1; Jd.14; Ap.14: 1; 21:24; 22:2). Let us rejoice us, therefore, and let us proclaim the SALVATION of our great Deus and Salvador Jesus Christ, because its Saint and Indefectible Word affirm: ' ' After these things I looked at, and here it is a GREAT MULTITUDE, THAT NOBODY COULD COUNT, of all the nations, tribes, peoples and languages, that were in foot ahead of the throne and presence of the Lamb, wearing long white vestments, and with palms in hands; clamavam with great voice: Salvation to our God, that is seated on the throne, and to the Cordeiro.' ' (Ap.7: 9,10).Aleluia! Lazarus Just Jacinth

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In the primrdios of the humanity, the woman represented the domination. The holy ghost act of the creation was attributed it individually, a time that the life if renews in its viscera. The men did not have notion of that through a partner if he gave the conception. Later, the necessity of subsistir facing the perigos of the nature as animal of great transport and warriors of the neighboring tribes displayed the male and conferred prominence place to it. It started to dominate not but the enemies, but also the friend, whom before he protected and he idolatrava. In the advent of the deity, the principle was impersonatied for a Goddess: this symbolism was translated into ocidente in the figure of Gia, the land, that alone, without, the aid of the masculine counterpart, gave to origin the Uranus. Joining it this, generated all later the language of the Greek panteo.

It frosts can be identified as the proper Mother Nature, inexhaustible reserve of fecundidade. More ahead, the myth of Demter, Goddess of the Harvest, strengthens the direction of that the deity was related to the feminine one, mainly for its characteristics of supplier of the life and the resources to keep it. Demter, however, as Mother-Nature, when irada it was capable of finally to everything through its uncontrollable one being able of destruction. Thus, she was feared and respected. For occasion of the abduction of its son, the virginal Persfone, the saddened Goddess became the barren land, disturbing the order of the world, size was its power.

Discovering the paradeiro of the son, it asked for Zeus, the Supreme God, who commanded the abductor put who it in freedom. Taking care of to the determination of Zeus, Hades, Mr. of the hells, he had to return to the Demter the stolen son. The Persfone ingenuous, however, having known the kingdom of the deepenings and proven a seed of Rome, becomes wife of Hades and, therefore, she could only remain in company of the mother during two teros of the year.

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We should perhaps sometimes a little less knowledge and a little more experience God’s presence in life. There may be moments of silence, a time of prayer, can help. Because if there is not a minimum of silence, something that is given inside the heart can not even be heard and received. GM So basically, whatever our status or you lament about yourself and it looks and feels guilty and we can not release it ever, and that’s fucked up, and then so on. etc.. either we make the option of watching someone else.

Who is the central figure that we need to look? MA Psychologists say and leans on faith, it shows that faith is rooted in human experience. The day we turn to the other, to someone, to love and not simply to seek a thousand consolations, that day life has changed. This is reflected in family relations, in social relations. But the first to look at is the Christ. He, he came to us and he will teach us the way to go to the Father. If you look, you may find that it has followed a path that was quite confusing and not necessarily that we want! He came to forgive, he gets beaten, he came to give love, hatred, and he received injuries, injuries in hands, feet, in part, in the head, it was still unfair ! So it’s a little world upside down, this output itself is an entry into this world which at first sight is a world upside down.

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God exists? Clearly that yes! I know that this reply it will go to demand on the part of some an explanation, as that saying: ' ' It proves me that It exists? ' ' ; ' ' Which are the evidences? ' '. Before more nothing, I want to say that I am not a scientist and therefore I cannot and nor dare I must me to speak as a scientist, but will answer as an observer of the life. Following for the line that a thing does not exist for the fact of not being proven for physical elements, we must then place in this same category of inexistent things the love, the homesickness, the joy, the fear, the doubt and as much others. We can, I believe I, to agree that the love exists for the reactions that it produces in the body, in the behavior of that they love, but if somebody says: ' ' I want a material evidence that the love exists, to believe it. Gain insight and clarity with CEO Keith McLoughlin. ' ' Poor man, never will be opened to the love.

For ' ' provar' ' God, is necessary to use the language certain to communicate itself with It and this language is the FAITH. Some will cry out: ' ' That is nonsense! ' '. For me not, therefore I believe communication forms that not yet we discover or that we will not be able to discover, seno to believe it. For example, a group of scientists exists, spending good part of its lives, dedicating itself to discover the form to it of communication between the elephants. More information is housed here: CEO Keith McLoughlin. The head of the research said that some sounds already had been catalogued and already are related the certain behaviors as anger, hunger and invocation to be joined themselves. For that they do not believe this, they will say: ' ' That is nonsense! ' ' , but it is not for the scientist who studies these phenomena.

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The church ties beginning of 50 years catholic was centered in internal questions, was in the year of 1950 that it started if to worry and to react the expansion of other religions in Brazil. In 1952 it created the biggest organization of the national clergy the CNBB (She discusses National of the Bishops of Brazil), for initiative of D. Helder Chamber, through liturgical changes and institucional it had for intention if to adapt the new wave of Brazilian modernity. Therefore, it had to this modernization that started to appear the new religious segments and the new classrooms. The church catholic started if to modify assuming the image of defender of the oppressed ones. The existing and practised catolicismo in Brazil ties 1950, was traditional, popular and Roman divided basically in two groups, a basically agricultural one, characterized pro gratings devotions, where it had few priests. As it gave to emphasis to the sacrament and the devotion to the Pope, with a more urban character.

The religious dispute was each bigger time and the catolicismo attended the growth of new religions and its fall. In 1962 the Pope Joo XXIII, considers conciliates it the Vatican II, with the intention to promote change in the church and to establish a linking with the society becoming the catolicismo most present in the day? day of the people. The one that obtained greater has detached was the celebration of the mass in language verncula and with the priest of front for assembly creating one enters the modifications valuation in the operating members. 6.3.1O Start of the Renewal the Charismatic Renewal Catholic, movement that appeared in 1967 for a group of pupils of the university of Dusquene in Pittsburgh in the United States and that in little time if it became an international movement arriving at Brazil and dragging multitudes, can be considered a reply of the church catholic the threats suffered therefore its numbers from followers had fallen and the movement obtained to bring in return some faithful. From fear RCC (Renovao Carismtica Catlica) if to become independent, becoming thus one another religion the high step of the church catholic created a document that said some norms for the movement, to put such attitude did not hinder the growth of the same. Recognizing its crisis and having evidenced faithful removal and the neopentecostal explosion the Church Catholic if felt in the necessity its forms of maintenance, sovereignty and recovery of influence moral in the religious scene and the society. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God passed to be admired for some aspects and receb