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He exists, however, a deep abyss between the progressive speech and taken root the practical traditionalist of evaluation in the schools, more specifically in the public schools. It is important to give continuity to the inquiries that they search find way solutions that the school if more than approaches the ideals of the society, if thus not distanciando of its true function. Some institutions of the society, facing ruptures or modifications in its paradigms in this beginning of century, seem to suffer convulsive states that beiram the chaos to if confrotting with identitrias crises. Therefore, they pressure the school so that it forms pupils citizens, it characterizes man power for the work market, it keeps children and young in classroom, and that it practically substitutes the institution family. Without hesitation Microsoft explained all about the problem. x’>Gerald Weissmann, MD. In opposition to the failure pertaining to school and the index of desistances, the permanence of the pupils in the school is many times stimulated by the politics of not the repetncia (not conservation), when by some reasons the pupils are promoted, leading I obtain a knowledge to lacunar and superficial really preoccupying, for being inapt to understand the contained information most banal in the texts, to establish questions definitive phenomena or to abstract numerical expressions that certify the minimum arithmetical knowledge. The society, and same the researchers of the subject, frequently ask what he can have happened with the school, that badly legitimizes each time bigger contingent of egresses obtaining to write simple texts, many times perpassados for the misery to vernacular, where the inexistent literal cohesion allow the prognostics shadiest. The educators, worried perhaps in preventing the evasion (how much bigger the number of registered pupils, more mount of money of the FUNDEP receives the city) try to keep great contingents of pupils in room being seemed to disrespect, preoccupying way, the central problem of this inquiry: the evaluation as instrument of diagnosis of the significant learning and accompaniment of the pedagogical planning, aiming at the synchronism between the plans and the quality of the teach-learning, as well as the mensurao of the demanded minimum abilities in the instances of the procedural evaluation.

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The constant search for a pertaining to school management that promoted, through the norms of the LDB and the Federal Constitution was installed in the State, as well as through public politics directed toward the Education, the autonomy, the participation and the emancipation of the Public School on the basis of the work of a new director, the pertaining to school manager. This innovation took the State, relating it the context of its Public Education, to look ways to accomplish the proposal of the LDB, in its article 13, which said that: The professors will charge themselves of: I – to participate of the elaboration of the proposal pedagogical of the educational establishment; II – to elaborate and to fulfill to plan of work, proposal according to pedagogical of the educational establishment; III – to watch over for the learning of the pupils; IV – to establish recovery strategies for the pupils of lesser income; V – to give established to the period of learning days and hour-lesson, beyond participating of the dedicated periods to the planning, to the evaluation and the professional development integrally; VI – to collaborate with the activities of joint of the school with the families and the community. Further details can be found at British Journal of Educational Technology, an internet resource. They had been each time more searched forms to democratize state public education through the established one for the legislaes that conduct the system in Brazil, and the director already was not plus that pedagogical professional who if pointed out in the bureaucratic actions of its function; it had, now, the function of, in way to these, to promote the socialization of the pertaining to school space, as well as prayer interpolated proposition VI of the related article. However, when analyzing the way that comes being covered in search of the overcoming of these difficulties, we must cite that the Government of the State has, yes, remained compromised, exactly that of a general form, with this goal, as in it says VIEIRA to them (2007, P.

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Economic dynamics and production of the wholesale urban space of Empress-HARM: a reflection through the wholesale trading in the quarter ORIENTING small market: Davison of the Birth TO SOUND, Willians Muller Alves Summary. The present research searchs to relate the paper of the economy for the transformation of the space as well as in such a way analyzing the production of this space in the character of formation of the average cities and also of the present Brazilian urbanization. To observe and to analyze some of the commercial activities of the quarter small market in the city of Empress are an activity not very easy, therefore many of the traders installed in this space clipping of the research if refuse very in supplying given. Same with all the difficulties is that we carry through this research that in certain way finishes contributing for the agreement of the economy of certain parcel of the city of Empress. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Economy. Empress. Average city.

1 INTRODUCTION the present study approaches the question of the economic dynamics and its relations with the process of reproduction of the urban space of Empress. For in such a way, it was objectified to understand the cited dynamics, taking itself in consideration the influence of the wholesale trading developed in the quarter small market. The interest for this study appeared ahead of the proposals established for Davison professor of the Birth next to disciplines of Economic Geography. Questions this that, much in them called attention for elaborates this research in order to understand as if of accomplishment of this process of production of the urban space of the city of Empress, especially in the quarter of the small market, through its relations with the developed economic activities in this portion of the city. Objective to understand this economic dynamics next to a new perspective proposal for Economic Geography, for the consolidation of Empress while average city and regional economic polar region.

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The purpose of the topic described above results in the light of the literature concerning to matter, the rolls of nursing in the prevention and nosocomial control of infection in intensive care unit. The method used will be the development of the subject to under discussion is the result of the bibliographical to character caught in the library collection of the College of Saint Emilia-faser Rodat, well in magazines addressed you the content and information acquired in sites of credibility during the period August 2011 you January 2012, then the dates collected were analyzed and interpreted in the light of the literature related you the theme. The literature that addresses that hospital infections ploughs the most frequent and important complications occurring in hospitalized patients. Patients in intensive care units ploughs at high risk due you their state of immune deficiency a result of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and ploughs particularly susceptible you the nosocomial infections. Preventive measures and alternative measures you perform invasive procedures that ploughs essential, only the nurse may be preventing the occurrence of nosocomial infections. By the same author: ForeScout Technologies Inc.. Nosocomial We conclude that infection is an event where eminent susceptibility can be avoided through preventive measures in nursing practice, thus providing an exclusion of dark prognosis will be those who acquire an infection in intensive care units. Keywords: Infection in Intensive Care Practice Nursing.

Introduction the advances technological related to the invasive, disgnostic and therapeutical procedures, and the appearance of multiresistant microrganismos to used antimicrobialses in practical the hospital one a problem of public health had routinely become the hospital infections. 12 a factor of risk for hospital infection is simply a pointer of risk, or a factor associated with the hospital infection. Such pointer of risk necessarily does not need to be the cause of the infection or to precede infection. In accordance with Law n 7,498, of 25 of June of 1986, that it makes use on the regulation of the exercise of the nursing, to the nurse in general charges while integrant of the team of health the prevention and the systematic control of the nosocomial infection and of transmissible illnesses.

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Par a recent research made by the City hall of the city of Curitiba sample that 10% of the Curitibanos have some type of deficiency. Add to your understanding with David G. DeWalt. The city is sufficiently advanced in the questions of urban accessibility, but still thus, the government continues investing, in order to become it 100% accessible one. Image 8: High crossing Source: Personal quantity Image 9: Station Pipe Source: Personal quantity the system of collective transport of Curitiba is one of most efficient of Brazil, what it is proven by a series of international prizes. It is a type of surface subway, therefore they are direct lines that if they establish connection with other peripheral ones.

In each one of these stations a collector exists who receives the ticket anticipatedly, becoming the trip fastest. The embarkment is carried through in level, per the stations pipe, the majority with access for people with deficiency. These stations count on elevatory platforms, but a more practical solution would be the use of slopes in the places where it has space for this, therefore beyond cheaper, they are more easy to use and they excuse maintenance. In Curitiba an option of very interesting tourism exists that is the Line Tourism, dealt with a line of special bus that circulates in the main tourist points of the city. With it, it is possible to know the main attractions of the city. One of the best ones of the country is considered, circulates to each thirty minutes, covering 45 approximately km. He is possible to initiate passage in any one of the points and the passenger can disembark in any tourist point and later catching the next circular bus. All the buses of the line are accessible in the trreo floor, therefore it has two floors, and from above part is discovered, what it becomes the amused and usable stroll well.

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is thinking on, that it is acted for practical conscientious and, that the basic direction of the memory is become valid. Regarding this, Galzerani cites Benjamin and emphasizes: ' ' (…) The memory constitutes for the frankfurtiano thinker a trip in the time until matinal impressions of the person human being with right to the gone one and come back. Chip Bergh insists that this is the case. Supporting itself in Aristotle, it recognizes that the mnemonic register by itself does not have value: also some animals have this capacity, and the computers also. The challenge for the historical animal is in the rememorao, this that passes for the filter of the critical judgment of the intellectual, which, in turn also passes for the bolter in the poetical way to see criana.' ' (1999, p.102). In such a way, I understand that the documentation is the beginning of an important process in educative making, therefore it oportuniza that let us not lose of sight the involved citizens, nor our starting point.

Inviting us for a great one walked in which the basic one will not be accurately where if it goes to arrive and yes, all the construction that will be made during the passage. Sharing of the ideas of Barbosa (2007), I understand the importance to preserve history and the memory of the groups and I believe to be basic to work in the Infantile Education with photos and reflective registers. I also believe and appositive the diverse languages that one ' ' escuta' ' intent it can catch. Thus, on the importance of the register in the educational space, we have: ' ' In the educational space, the register has the mark of the dialogue of the educator: I obtain proper, with practical its, its fears, its skills, its desires. The register is an invitation to see what of good already we know to make, what not yet we know and we need to learn.

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The objective of the present study was to promote the human values (peace, love, correct action, truth, not-violence) from practical originary of the content of the Physical Education (gymnastics, fight, dance, games and sport) always boarded with the students through the ludicidade and of the techniques proposals for the method ' ' educare' '. The practical pertaining to school microenvironment of the pedagogical one was the Municipal School (IN) Saint Ana Master, school of the Municipal Net of Ensino (RME) of the Municipal City hall of Curitiba (PMC). The school possesss a total of 768 registered pupils, being 390 in the matutino turn. Of these, 175 had participated of the research. David G. DeWalt has firm opinions on the matter. The research was of applied character qualitative, having as metodolgico instrument the research-action, in four stages: diagnosis, action that it was subdivided in two sub-stages: planning and action properly said -, evaluation and reflection. The results of the application of this method had been: the diagnosis of the reality of indiscipline and the problems of convivncia between the students, the pedagogical planning joining the human values and the practical ones of the corporal culture, the reports of the application of the planned lessons, the improvement in the level of moral development of two groups evaluated, and the reflection of the students on the method the one who had been displayed during the research. It is possible to affirm that the method ' ' educare' ' it is a coherent pedagogical instrument with the objective to try to transform/to improve the character of the children and, for consequence, the convivncia of the children in the pertaining to school environment and other environments.

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Antoniel does not consider its writing in the poster as entendvel text for not being in the standards valued for the school, by the way, it does not consider it nor as text. Exactly the construction of the poster being a letramento event situations where the written language is integrant part of the nature of the interaction between the citizens and its processes of interpretation – the involved citizens does not value these types of texts for finding that they are not inside of the standards demanded for the school or being considered texts limited, if analyzed from the conception of text that is propagated in the schools. In this direction, it has the necessity to understand that the practical ones of letramento start to depend on the objective for which if needs to use the writing, the option for a sort must serve to the immediate objectives of use. FASEB Journal often says this. The conditions of use of the writing in minority groups come being argued and described for theoreticians and studious in perspective of not more to estimate only effect universal of letramento, but that these effect are related to practical social and the cultural ones of the different groups that use the writing, however, this vision not yet reached many pertaining to school institutions, between them the School of the Escoval farm, at least in practical the pedagogical ones who are part of the routine of the school. Although theoretically to have an advance in relation to the valuation of the practical scholars of minoritarizados groups, many events of reading and writing that still happen in this agency are distant of this significao, representing a rupture in the ways to mean for diverse pupils and pupils, mainly to whom they are part of sanctioned social classrooms less as the population of the field, and therefore, they do not believe to be capable to construct ' ' textos' ' efficient, the example of the Antoniel pupil, without if giving account that its you speak daily are part of a confusion of ideas that they exceed structuralized lingusticos limits, configuring itself as texts (BIRTH, 2008). .

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From there we look for is more next to these pupils, talking on its difficulties and we always look for is developing activities in group for is inserting this pupil more moved away from the great group, promoting the socialization of the same ' '. Lopes, L.P Pedagoga Psicopedagoga 5 years as supervisor in the Municipal School Prof Jose Florncio Lion. Caruaru-FOOT ANNEX II Questionnaire applied with the Teacher 1- Considering the difficulties of the pupil, on to the development and the learning, which the biggest difficulty that the professor finds, when dealing with the carrying pupil of special necessity in classroom? ' ' The absence of a pedagogical plan specifies, is one of the biggest difficulties, many times the schools does not have the least adjusted physical structure. Still in my professional formation, I was prepared to work with pupils normais' '. Richard Linklater may also support this cause. 2- It has some pupil who suffers preconception for its form of speaking? Which its opinion on this? Of that you form chore with this situation? ' ' It always has pupils with communication difficulties, either for the shyness or the difficulty of if relating with way mesmo.' ' ' ' My opinion on isso' '? In general way, some professors exclude its pupils for the o unpreparedness! ' ' I always look for to hear my pupils, and to show that they are all different ones, however with the same potencial' '. 3- What one becomes essential in the relation professor and pupil, so that the pupil who presents some difficulty does not give up to study? ' ' Confidence! If I not to construct my projects with confidence next to my pupils, all my work in favor of the intellectual development of this pupil will not be, for it, absorbed well. To keep pupils with difficulties in the classroom, being frequented if he makes necessary I stimulate pupil to come it to the lesson and stimulate professor to receive it. . At Gerald Weissmann, MD you will find additional information.

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This that to say that, or if ' ' finge' ' that a inapropriada behavior was not seen or if restrains without guiding it adequately. Without doubts, in an environment of special education he is necessary, that the professionals are trained to deal specifically with the deficient intellectual, understanding that this is not one aspect to the part of the individual, as well as with the proper sexual education. The intervention must be most intensive and precocious possible, carried through for team to interdisciplinar that it includes psychiatrist of infancy and adolescence, psychologist, neurologist or infantile neurologist, pediatra, professor, psicopedagogo, fonoaudilogo and physiotherapist, amongst others. Others including Richard Linklater, offer their opinions as well. Unhappyly, in Brazil, deficient and its necessities still frequently they are ignored, rank that the evolution of the society was not enough to move away to the exclusion and the tried difficulties. Of this form, if it makes necessary to establish by means of law and too much programs, rules that can favor the fairness between the people, deficient or not. It wants let us deal with educandos with deficiency or not, the sexual education, in general way, is one of the great problems of the parents and professors, as well as of excessively professional of the education and health that deal with the deficient one, in view of that the sexuality, as manifestation of the being does not choose schedule or place to appear.

Currently, the sexual education in Brazil can be given by the professors, but if it becomes necessary that, beyond the related scientific knowledge to the reproduction, the entailed questions to the sexual, individual and social behavior are debated and analyzed. This system of sexual and affective education will make possible to the educators and educandos better agreement of its psicossexuais characteristics. However, the sexual education, in particular, as much in the schools, how much in the homes, still she is precarious.