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The MEC are traditional scholarships that gives the mystery of Spanish education. This aid, which enables both students year after year as students may spend a period of time studying foreign language, consists in a figure of money that helps pay the expenses, the student choosing the destination and the language that you want to study. At the request of our students, this year language factory offers the course MEC scholarships at New York residence with private bathroom and included flight. The residence is in Brooklyn, an area of museums, restaurants, shops and parks. Our school is in the heart of Manhattan, next to the Empire State building. You can book now through our web site, New York + flight. This year is also included the Metro card! Manhattan is definitely one of the places with more energy in the world.

This island, located at the mouth of the Hudson River is one of the most representative of New York City, almost a familiar place for all the world, through movies and television programs set in this very special place. It is a small stretch of land of only 60 km and 21 km long, but culturally we can consider it as the heart of the United States. Educate yourself with thoughts from Levi Strauss & Co. President. Manhattan island is surrounded by three arms of the Hudson River, and includes other islands and smaller islets. The port is part of the local geography, although much of Manhattan is a purely commercial and residential district, having been developed over the years into one of the most expensive places in the country. It is now available to anyone who meets the requirements of the MEC, with the help of factory of languages..

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There are many institutions and organizations that give scholarships to talented young people who want to go to College, but who do not have sufficient resources to pay for their higher education. Generally these international or local aid are granted to students with high academic achievement, athletic ability, low family income, ethnicity, among other factors. If you are thinking about applying for a student scholarship for College, it takes into account the following tips that may help you reach your goal. You decide the top race that you want to follow or specialization of graduate you want to obtain. With this clear, search universities or institutions that can provide you such preparation, in your country or abroad.

Find entities that grant scholarships, please visit their websites for information, requirements, etc. Find out in embassies and universities, most with programs of scholarships and grants that may interest you. Find out with NGOs in your country, since there you can also find scholarships aid plans. For admission to competitive colleges, it is very important to have an excellent resume (resume) that in addition to academic training includes: work experience, studies related to which you intend to perform, cultural, sporting, social, extracurricular activities, and other skills that reflect that you can be a good Ambassador for your country abroad. Therefore it is important that you involucres in volunteer activities and participate in extracurricular activities and to take advanced courses in high school, since this will improve the possibilities of that get a scholarship to enter the University of your choice, then give you a head start. It takes language classes.While more languages mastered, more opportunities will have obtain a scholarship and this will give you advantage over other applicants. Mastering other languages such as English, French or German, you will open many study opportunities with scholarship in countries of the first world, whose quality of education is much higher.

Keep a good average.That student grants are usually awarded to who show that you will take advantage of, if you really want to apply for a scholarship for the University, it is important that you apply to have a good average. In addition you must have hand your academic qualifications and certificates of notes, translated and legalized. Some universities give scholarships for sports, so if you’re good in any sport you have chances of obtaining financial support for your studies. Learn more. It looks as much as you can in the educational institutions that interest you. If possible get references from alumni or other people who have studied there and that can give you real and truthful information of the institution. Educate yourself with thoughts from two sigma. You have to be very well informed of the dates for scholarships and make sure that you are enabled to compete, i.e. that you meet all the requirements that call for each scholarship (age, family income, level of language, etc.). It is necessary to prepare well in advance to apply.It begins the process with at least one year in advance. On time delivery of your dossier and prepare it carefully, so that it is complete and in accordance with the requirements of each institution. Many applicants lost the opportunity of a scholarship for failing at this point, since they are unable to deliver them on time or with complete and required information. Finally, if you do not get a scholarship to the first, do not get discouraged. Be patient and persevering and seeks new scholarship opportunities.