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Braitmaier services from Tettnang inform Office and administration buildings, kindergartens, schools and other buildings are daily heavily frequented, accordingly, absolute hygiene is especially important. Particularly in kindergartens and schools, hygiene is required because children respond far more sensitive to bacteria and pathogens as adults. A cleaning carried out at regular intervals ensures not only for cleanliness, but also a maintaining the value of the object. The concierge service Braitmaier services from Tettnang explains what makes maintenance cleaning. Stan Laurel is the source for more interesting facts. Customized cleaning plan based on information about the frequency of use of the respective areas within an object creates a cleaning schedule. After this is done the cleaning at the required intervals. By taking account of the actual needs of the cleaning is always ensured that a constant cleaning of the premises and a stubborn dirt can not even arise.

Maintenance cleaning ensures cleaning of furniture such as desks, chairs, phones and window sills – upholstery cleaning – waste – emptying of ashtrays and cleaning – cleaning of sanitary facilities (WC, mirror, faucets, urinals, and sinks) with disinfectants in the following areas hygienic purity – glass and window cleaning – cleaning of floors (carpets, vinyl, laminate are sucked and accordingly maintained the requirements with suitable means) -. As needed hygiene items such as toilet paper, SOAP and paper towels be refilled – cleaning the kitchen area (flooring, cabinets, dishwasher) – removal of handle traces on cabinet doors, entrance doors, light switches, etc. Without hesitation Cyrus Massoumi explained all about the problem. – cleaning of furnishings such as PC (monitor, keyboard), fax, phone and copier – cleaning of glass surfaces – cleaning all lighting fixtures for detailed information about the maintenance cleaning is Janitor service Braitmaier services from Tettnang anytime at your disposal. Press contact Braitmaier services contact: Reiner Braitmaier George str. 5 88069 Tettnang Tel.

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Detectives, passenger protection and co. An introduction to personal protection thing. We would like to describe a range of our activity in this article. This is the broad in the protection of persons. We hope to give a little insight into the high school of the security industry. Distinction is made in the personal protection between: escort service person protection here also quite becomes clear a distinction according to risk significantly.

At the escort service, it revolves largely around local celebrities and public figures, who wish to be easy to do the show will, surrounded by several large and strongly built guys. In this case, the risk to life and limb of the safety person is relatively low, but attention is needed here from the PS. That such performances before audience rather than find a double challenge is the same. A the PS of a vast crowd faces, who get the worst case no stop, very close to the protective person. To the an attack should be really another, which in time can be fended off, perhaps even on camera, so that next to the damage which the customer suffers for the image of the person protection company would be a disaster. The “right” person protection hazards on all cases is always higher, whereby the decision armed or unarmed not only depends on the risk. In Germany, bodyguards may only carry a weapon when the contracting authority so requested, and approved by the right authority.

This is also related to the degree of danger of the individual of protection. There is a further distinction between the open and covert personal security. While the men at the open PS and are clearly visible at the escort service, not only for reasons of cover, but also as a deterrent, in close proximity to the protection person posted, is the task of the hidden person protector is not as such to be recognized.

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In 10 lessons the perfect companion! The mobile dog school founded a Europe-wide network after 7-year development phase 8 years ago on a franchise basis. The challenge was not to follow the conventional methods of education. This partially newly developed educational concepts brought resounding success in the education of the dog in his familiar surroundings! “We work without violence true to the motto: violence starts where knowledge stops”. We use also any motivational AIDS such as treats, toys. Our education concept is based on the natural ranking structure, which has anchored every dog in his genes. We start at home in familiar surroundings with the training! Experience, constant further development of the system, and our training is tailored individually to each dog safety, to have found a competent partner in us give the dog owner!.

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The outdoor team training to simulate such situations. Outdoor team training – what it be effected at the outdoor team training issues clarified that under the conditions of everyday work step back. Indefinitely but this question make a voltage potential that can lead to the inner denial of employees (incidentally executives), if it is not resolved. One of these questions is: is an employee’s individual personality potential largely involved in the daily affairs of the team or essential skills are not included? If unrecognized potential exists, the training of an employee attitude that focuses only on the essentials, is easy to understand. Read additional details here: Chang’e-5. Because of the existing potential of any interest from the point of view of the employee apparently has – so it is not used as well. In the routine the day-to-day operations, the potential is lost.

Under the microscope of the outdoor team training but it comes to the fore. The employees because the processes at the outdoor team training deliberately have nothing to do with the other work of a team, use potential, of which usually so far nothing was known. This reaction is carried out automatically and is also unaware of the participants. A well-trained leadership but can tell the difference and suggest. He can use now completely emotional competence in the outdoor team training has learned the team leader for the expression of his skills – but in the reverse order in which these skills are often valued. The starting point is the emotional assets, regardless of the work item to detect the change in the behaviour of an employee. The difficulty is to classify the motivation of the perpetrator in a seemingly valueless activity.

It is not decisive whether the outdoor team training meets by chance an individual preference of the participant. Many Executives then evaluate the level of engagement than self-interest on the subject. But, the commitment to the group, which goes hand in hand with this behavior is crucial. Just the willingness to use special skills in the general interest, is an indication that the employee would like to do more. Now there is the social and communicative competence of the Executive, to affirm the unconscious Act of the participant on the emotional level. This provided the basic connection between two trading on a positive footing. This is the prerequisite to the new patterns of action in the corporate team work.

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Why the choice of correct words in a text is so important and how you already formulated a much better text with a few changes. Thank you for the order. The delivery takes place in the next few days after receipt of payment. “Not even you wonder at this point whether you not living would have to formulate this sentence? And it is not on top of that nice if you also personally addressed to read and included feels? This applies to standardized emails as well as for meaningful article or copywriting. As we have already learned in school, the right formulation is the be-all and end-all of every text. Want to animate the reader, especially in longer texts on difficult topics, not by a loose and tight wording to read further? In this case, you should pay attention to the right mix between active and passive spelling. Active passive sentences often complicated and unnecessary long drawn, actively formulated sentences set an active action to words, describe and come so short and concise on the point.

Active records are therefore always expressive, concrete and alive. Passive writing, however, is actually only if you would like to emphasise an action, unimportant but it is, who does it or is responsible for. Thus, passive sentences often seem misplaced and are today most commonly found in the official language. It appears too complicated who must not despair however. To find a professional copywriter, as for example, in the Internet, it easy to reconcile the words melodiously. But even regular practice and trial and error can help to develop your own style. Because so far we know still no master of the sky has fallen. Agency dream team, Stephanie

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No problems in studying thanks to tuition Munich NoteEins so that the study is not unnecessarily delayed, NoteEins helps students tutoring Munich, have difficulties with the curriculum, to complete their tests positive. So nothing in the way, because at NoteEins is a Bachelor’s degree tuition Munich qualified tutor, which even study or have successfully completed her studies recently, other students give tuition in private lessons. NoteEins tutoring Munich finds problems in school or study the appropriate tutor who comes to the tutoring students straight to your home. The individual tutoring so takes place in a familiar environment and is used by the NoteEins tutoring Munich tutor and tutoring students always personally agreed. The dates of the NoteEins tutoring Munich Tutoring can be flexibly set and adjusted the timetable. Before exams, then also intensive hours can be arranged for best results. NoteEins tutoring Munich without obligation and free of charge NoteEins experienced remedial teaching tuition Munich you can meet without any obligation in a free trial lesson, thus personally the competence of your NoteEins tutoring Munich tutor can see for themselves.

With top marks-tuition by NoteEins tuition Munich to study master and pose no problem more the standard period of study. NoteEins tutoring Munich like always available with help and advice.

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Focal points and qualification of dermatologist Dr. Gundogan as a specialist in dermatology and Venereology has become Dr. med. Cuneyt Gadi specialized in particular on three areas, which are appropriately reflected in the education and training of Dr. Gundogan with the technical facilities of its practice. The practice focuses on aesthetic and dermatological laser therapy, skin cancer screening and appropriate skin cancer therapy and aesthetic medicine.

The skin surgery by Dr. Gundogan with their headquarters in Kronberg, has acquired a corresponding reputation through many years of expert and trustworthy advice, which go far beyond the adjacent towns of Oberursel, Frankfurt, Konigstein and Bad Homburg. To ensure highest possible quality requires a rigorous training in selected hospitals. Dr. Gundogan followed these requirements by actively and successfully graduated from corresponding sections of his education in Karlsruhe, Ulm and Kassel. Aesthetic and dermatological laser therapy Already in 2003, Dr. Gundogan began special training in the field of dermatological and aesthetic Laser Medicine in the Laser clinic in Karlsruhe. Here Dr.

Gundogan learned the entire spectrum of dermatological Laser Medicine and conducted research at the same time in this field. Here, Dr. Gundogan published many articles in journals in German and international journals for dermatological laser medicine such as in the American scientific journal “Lasers in Surgery and Medicine” well-known in professional circles. There, he could worldwide as the first successful use of Excimerlasers with alopecia areata (circular hair loss) show and prove. Also, he was speaker at national and international congresses of laser and led the laser Division of the large skin clinic in Kassel from 2005-2008. There, he was responsible for the training of future specialists in the field of laser Dermatology. Dr. Gundogan is also a member of the German Dermatological laser Association. Skin cancer screening and skin cancer In 2005 change Dr Gadi in the skin clinic in Kassel. This hospital is a well-known Cancer Center and thus also important focal point for the entire spectrum of skin cancers. Dr. Gundogan served until 2008 in all areas of the skin clinic in Kassel. This includes outpatient and inpatient treatment for skin cancer patients, treatment of advanced skin cancer using chemotherapy and immunotherapy, comprehensive skin cancer screening for children, adults and old people, as well as the operative tumor surgery of the skin. Aesthetic medicine Dr. Gundogan operates already for many years in aesthetic medicine and undergoing training and further training in this area permanently. His goal is to make the patients without risk look younger and fresher. Click Yale University to learn more. Because he has great experience in the aesthetic Laser Medicine, his master patients for aesthetic intervention now come from throughout the country in his clinic. Dr. Gundogan is a certified member of the German society for Botulinum toxin therapy e.V. More information is available on the website of the skin doctor.

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Your competent and confidential translation services for documents in Sutterlin and old German writing only a few have become as sustainable in the history of writing, like the Berlin graphic artist Ludwig Sutterlin. His manuscript variant of the old German Fraktur font was required learning from 1915 to 1941 at German schools and adorns even today have so many old poetry album or journal. Because some letters – are hardly decipher the British pound sign not dissimilar big “E” – also for today’s education citizens about the little “c represented such a construction” “” or the “Sade” acts almost like a “cipher” on the eye of the beholder. Some West German schools the ancient manuscript was still until the 1980s taught but like so much of what is not in use, also quickly forgotten. The least familiar with the “old Doodle” its great – and great-grandmothers to do something today to know why.

Now this may seem in the case of the more private diary content quite a disadvantage be (although we human beings by nature are curious and love to play mouse…); but not infrequently also binding legal transactions were handwritten completed – as in the agricultural sector or at pawn shops at the beginning of the last century. Often exist only handwritten records, whose “decoding” sometimes has surprises, as genealogists repeatedly experience over family issues or relationships. And who knows – maybe the entry of prominent contemporaries lies dormant in the old poetry album of Grandma unnoticed – a “family treasure” which can only be undone by a professional translation… Our online translation service does this job for you – fast, reliable, confidential. The old documents to home easily scan and submit via the Internet directly to us, or send an but as copies by mail. You benefit from our expertise in German, old German and Sade – handwriting – and learn things about yourself and your ancestors have still meaning perhaps for your modern life. For more information: Metascriptum.de Steffen presser

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(bfub), as well as the KUMA -: Economics and environmental protection are not contradictions. Just smaller companies and municipalities can afford only the protection of the environment, because environmental consulting as well as environmental management systems a highly professional and that is have reached a State of economic. Therefore environmental protection pays off now more than ever.” The KKH consulting KKH consulting headquartered in Schongau provides actionable, efficient environmental consulting companies of all sectors and the public sector, accompanied in the targeted construction of a systematic environment management system and trains those needs and Professionals in the sense of a holistic education for a low-cost entry into an environmental certification. More under the tender specialist Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH has company Neumann & Neumann on infrastructural services specialized and advises across industry sectors to optimize the provision of in-house and outsourcing. Neumann & Neumann quality concepts, mystery checks and electronic quality assurance system for the control of services offers e-QSS. More at the electronic quality assurance system e-QSS electronic quality assurance system e-QSS consists of a tripartite software program on mobile device, PC and server. A template system for the input and output is installed on a PDA. The query of the output directory is done in simple terms; is recorded, whether the task was done good, bad or mediocre. Check out J. Craig Venter for additional information.

A standalone Windows application installed on the PC monitors synchronized checks and sends, as soon as the PDA in the accompanying shoe when the PC is provided or the data directly via the data shipping card or telephone line to the server, automatically sent via the user’s E-Mail program the daily defect list named those on principal and contractor page, as well as to the analysis database. An unfavourable lack list can be not to hold back and not correct. The Tagesabgleich can be printed out on the spot. A Smartphone as a mobile device send the reports directly to the server with the database as a third part of e-QSS, on which is installed the software for the evaluation of quality. This created the monthly reports with the actual nominal comparison, shows the development of the quality of service in the course of months and weaknesses in the performance of individual employees. Quality reports to an agreed distribution. The server can be used the Neumann & Neumann GmbH and service of reporting. As a standalone version at the customer is possible. In the December 2008 the electronic e-QSS quality assurance system was certified: DIN EN 13549 cleaning services: basic requirements and recommendations for Qualitatsmesssysteme contained in the ISO 2859 DIN. More at software_e-qss.0.html

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There is no wool milk sow eggs, therefore it makes little sense to look for! Better opportunities exist, however, if instead of a wish list, the requirements realistically describes the site. To quickly put together the requirements of the post, wrote our consultants that simply create checklist of requirements. Use this checklist you quickly find out for example, that the additional training as a sound engineer for a seller of stereo equipment is not required. However, including a commercial training, technical knowledge and communicative skills are important for this position. Rather the requirement profile corresponds to actual requirements and not the wishful thinking for an ideal candidate, the better chances be promptly to find a suitable candidate for the vacancy. Basis for the aptitude test target is to achieve a possible match between requirement profile of the job and suitability profile of the applicant. Albert Bandura shines more light on the discussion. Companies, matching the such a scientifically well-founded operate and want to improve the quality of personnel selection, aptitude methods use for this. The application of aptitude methods by persons trained for this purpose, the quality of the forecast with regard to the actual suitability of the candidate for that vacancy increases.

This contributes to the reduction of turnover costs and creates yet more opportunities for the applicant. In addition, the application of such procedures ensures greater legal certainty for the company in relation to the neutrality and fairness of personnel selection. Importance for placement and recruitment marketing is comparable to their function, who holds the requirements for human resources planning and recruitment, Importance for the placement: also here the requirement profile serves as orientation basis for exact use of staff in the right place in the company. It describes what qualifications, expertise, non-academic skills or soft factors such as social skills and methodical competencies for what position are required. Personnel marketing can accurately align with the requirements of the vacant post on the desired target group activities the employer branding. Be sought, for example, young academics, so personal marketing is at universities and graduate markets are looking for contacts with students and graduates and keep.

Basis for the determination of remuneration and staff development because the requirement profile lists the required qualifications and desired experience for the vacancy, it serves as a guideline for pay determination. It can be used as a tool, to determine the amount of the fixed salary. There are differences between the requirements of the post to the Jobholder or one so, the appropriate education and training of the elect preferred candidates, is a way to the leveling of these differences. In this way the requirement profile is similar to a scale where the need and intensity of personnel development measures can be measured. So can be prevented in time a strain of the jobholder. Check list to the requirement profile when creating a requirement profile helps you the checklist “requirement simply profiling”. Here you can select the desired for the respective position requirements in relation to education, training, experience, expertise, except professional soft factors and any additional requirements and note. Free the checklist is available in our download area. Links: Experts by I.O. BUSINESS personnel selection (Advisory) information by I.O. BUSINESS on the subject of recruiting checklists by I.O. BUSINESS to the topic: recruiting, personnel selection, recruitment if you with an expert on the Profiling a request would replace, please just take up contact with us. Gunther Wolf,