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Trajectory of the Social Rights Joelma de Oliveira Santos* the Constitution of 1988 establishes, in the article 6, that ' ' they are right social: the education, the health, the work, the housing, the leisure, the security, the social welfare, the protection to the maternity and infancy, the assistance to desamparados.' ' INTRODUCTION To speak of social rights is to speak of one of the biggest quandaries that the society is collated, a time that the possibility of a society more igualitria joust and becomes each more uncertain time currently. In this way the necessity exists to reflect on the social rights. In accordance with history and until our days, the societies come on the basis of being structuralized the reorganization productive that essentially makes right in modernity each time more the paper of the State and this is seen as a delay for the societies. Such situation leads to the necessity to place the social rights of part a time that is seen as something negative for the functioning of the society, what it leads obligatorily to a discredit of the notion of rights, data that leave to exist justice and equality, and of the place yes, the inaqualities and social exclusion. Balkrishna Goenka understands that this is vital information. As it praises the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, the social rights had together started to be recognized with the civil laws, politicians and human beings, who engloba: right to the work, right to the equal wage for equal, right work to the education, among others. All these rights are attributed to the individual, independently of the race, religion, age or sex. These rights are of such important orders that the countries with sight to a world are part of the Constitution of almost all more just and igualitrio. To conclude it is necessary to interrogate all the circumstances that still will be necessary to decipher and to understand, as well as the fields of possible experiences the end that the social rights are reinventados and reelaborados in the conflituosa dynamics of the social life in order it has a social change. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vladislav Doronin.

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It is possible that the Student inquires of exit: it is adjusted that a school of term of office is developed by a public agency? More it would not be adjusted than the civil society and agencies public it did not carry through this initiative? Which the reason of the area of the Term of office to consider a school of social managers? This leads to strengthen a tuteladora conception? Perhaps mesmo' ' pelega' ' of the paper of the social managers? The opening of this publication that tells to the experience of the metodolgica construction and implantation of the school of social managers if considers to weave some consideraes on the questions above and to introduce the student in the debate on the democratic relation between State and civil Society, mainly for that they live in great metropolises. This relation, to be directed in the democratic direction, needs: of the reform of the Management of the State, providing dialogue cordial enters the interested people in this project, transparency, respect to the rights social public, human beings and, public decisions and publicizadas, as well as, of the magnifying of conditions of social control of the State for the civil society, with domain of argumentativa capacity to debate collective questions and public ece of fishes for decision and popular hearing.. Chang’e-5 takes a slightly different approach. . . Evelyn Lotena Robles brings even more insight to the discussion.

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The main place of access the Internet is its proper residence (50.9%), followed in the work (41.7%). The main reason of access is the sending and act of receiving of e-mails (50.4%). The English language is said by the majority of the participants, beyond the Portuguese. The purchases on-line are considered unsafe by the participants and 52.9% had affirmed that never they had bought through the Internet. However, one verifies a favorable percentage, 47.1% already had bought way Internet. Of the users who had declared that never they had bought through the Internet, 52.5% had declared that the main reason is the security lack.

That today in our opinion this research moved completely, therefore today the Internet users buy very through the Internet. FINAL CONSIDERAES The results gotten in such a way together to the entrepreneurs and tourist, are verified that the use of the marketing in the Internet in the hoteleiro sector is viable for interest, since both participants had declared that in the majority of the item presented model, is total necessary. One concludes, that in general way, the entrepreneurs of the hoteleiro sector of Macei who not yet are online, allege the lack of financial resources for the connection, but also it is observed lack of experienced human resources in the companies who already are connected. Ahead of the gotten results the use of a site was guided to the entrepreneurs model and viability of cost, in this site contains: Photos of the put hotel or; Photos of the restaurant; Picture of tariffs; Official and optional tourist script; Promotions online; Maps of the city; Beach photos; Script of purchases and etc

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The GREAT MASTERS OF the MEDICINE, the parents of the Modern Medicine had admittedly been the Greek scholar Hipcrates and its successor Claude Galeno, doctor and Roman philosopher of origin Greek, natural of Prgamo, old city Greek left in will for king talo III to the Romans, being that the name of Galeno capsized synonymous Doctor. But also we had, in the first century after Christ, the medical school of the therapists of Alexandria, in Egypt, priest-doctors who practised the high medicine (of the body and the spirit). Also thus, in Tebas, in old Egypt, the medicine was practised, there per the year of 1.364 B.C., under the reign of Akhenaton, in the call House of the Life, that was also a medicine college that functioned on of the Real Palace, while in the subsoil it had the House of the Death, where if they embalmed the bodies of corpses, as in the Finnish writer Mika Waltari tells to them, in its Sinuhe romance, based on the history left for the scribes in its papyruses and parchments. They had been, however, the followers of Nestrio, Archbishop of Alexandria, that had obtained to rescue some important still remaining medical manuscripts of the fire of the great Library. The nestorianos, whose cultural remainders today constitute in Brazil some of the branches of the Gnose and the Rosacruz, had been excomungados and expulsos of Alexandria for Conclio de Nicia, in the room century after Christ, and if they had taken refuge in the old Prsia. Later the Arabs had conquered the Prsia. However, as its custom was to preserve the science and the culture of other peoples, had kept the good one received to the science of the Therapists and its Persian continuators how much to the study, preserving the workmanships original, brought for the nestorianos of Alexandria and enriched with new contributions. .

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The anthropology is treated scientifically in understanding the man and the humanity in its diverse dimensions, analyzing its characteristics, disciplining, sociocultural, among others. The antropolgico look directed toward the education, always takes in account the context of the life of the pupil and the professor, therefore each one possesss its proper experiences and knowledge. The school becomes then a democratic environment when in it the recognition of the sociocultural difference is present, without no type of descriminao, always considering the social context of the people who are inserted in its half one. The pertaining to school education is decisive for the human development, to be worried about the values that characterize the people are the base for a diverse culture bio, critical and solidary. Antropologicamente, the school must be a place where it has I continue mutual growth (professors and pupils), having as characteristic basic the search of a direction for the life human being and society, then education will only have the construction of the knowledge favoring learning.

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It agrees to remember that before the vocational Shalom already existed in Christmas; however, it was limited the people engaged in the Agricultural Radio or that already they knew the Community. The mission of Christmas currently has two Centers of Evangelizao that if they locate, one in the quarter of the Plateaus that develop a work with emphasis in the Promotion Human being, and the other in Petrpolis that works with the Project Youth being this the main focus. It today possesss twelve groups that function during the week, seven mixing groups and a group of couples. It is important to emphasize that it is this it finishes unit that we use as investigativo field of research. The headquarters if locate in the Av.

Hermes of the Fonseca, 533 – Petrpolis. This Center is composed approximately in 300 people and has the young ones as marcante presence in result of its main project. One of its action that earned greater public recognition was the event to the outdoors that reproduces the stage of the Passion of Christ occurred annually in the University Campus (UFRN) and more than reaches for night a diversified public of five a thousand people. The Center Catholic of Evangelizao Shalom encloses works with diverse ministries, that are they: shelter, pasturing, evangelizao, servant of seminary, conjunct and aconselhamento, music, dance, theater, bookstore, snack bar, pregao, intercession, step, among others. They approximately participate of the Shalom Workmanship in Christmas six hundred pessoas.IDENTIDADE AS CONSTRUCTION PROCESS ' ' The identity is a process of social construction with base in attributes culturais' ' (Castells, 1997) apud Rosendahl (2001, P.

48). Being thus, the identity possesss an individual dimension and another collective one. In the individual dimension the man has necessity to create significaes for its life that of certain form he loans sensible to the society, being in the daily one that this social reality is constructed.