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These mistreatments, in the majority of cases, lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol, including crime. Where abuse occurs from infancy, there are cases in which the child manages to get ahead and develop properly. Low self-esteem manifests itself in all people who suffer from some type of abuse and has a direct impact on school performance; There are problems of identity and they have much difficulty in the management of aggressiveness. In terms of relationships, it costs them much build such relationships because of the distrust that grows with the time since is usually given for a long time and then goes to physical abuse psychological abuse. For this moment the self-confidence of the affected individual has been destroyed and the resentment has gone in increase.

Ramon Cleriga gives us in this regard, that psychological violence is a set of behaviors that translate into aggression and serious harm to its victim, and of which the aggressor may or not have consciousness. This type of violence involves coercion, frequently Announces bodily violence and is often worse than physical violence. Psychological violence is accentuated with time and the more it persists, greater is the prejudice. This type of abuse produces wear on the victim which is damaged to defend themselves. This violence has a thousand faces, some, difficult to visualize. These are its modalities: 1. psychological abuse. It has an active facet and other passive.

Active abuse is continuous and degrading treatment that attacks the dignity of the person. Emotional abuse is difficult to detect, because the victim, often does not take conscience that it is. Other times takes awareness, but dares not or can not defend itself and does not communicate or asks for help. Passive abuse consists in the lack of attention towards the victim when this It depends on the aggressor, as with children, the elderly and the disabled or any situation of dependence of the victim with respect to the aggressor.