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So you do not share. Kimi ga ka wakari Masen. Hidaka Mika: hai. Granted, I just wanted to do a favor for Aya-san was not fully used. Aya Hiroshi: hai. Sou desu. Arigatou. But I think he will see this place alone with my help.

So do not "illusions." She came out with a look of deep sadness, as if it had been rejected for something extremely important. When the truth, everything was me. Do you think it is important to me? For the truth do not know. Nor why they argue about it. Hiroshi looked at me and pretended that there was no problem. Then he showed me the room you would attend.

Because really the boarding was absolutely great. My parents were gone and I was determined to get to your room and stay the whole day because the next day was Saturday. And so was too exhausted to walk across campus and the classroom. Then to get hiroshi told: "And that girl is in the same room as us, right? Hiroshi: Unfortunately yes. Akio: did anything wrong? Hiroshi: Sometimes it can be a bit problematic, but that's nothing. Now get to organize your stuff. I will come within 30 minutes. Akio: Okay. I think no problem. I'm pretty overwhelmed. I'm starting to miss my home. Thinking that life will be different for me now, it's all a big mess. Hiroshi was slow in coming and I was quite impatient, so I fell asleep. When I woke up still was not in the room.