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Written expression: between the experience and the rules the educational requirements claim that, a capacity of the individual to read, to understand and to produce texts is one of the demanded tools more in some instances of the life, either it in the educational scene as the social one in its all. For signal, such behavior it discloses, that very still it needs to be made so that the level of performance in these areas reveals a compatible formation with the requirements of the superior education, for example, so that the reached results are disentailed of an evaluation that describes tickets for a deficit graduation, thus preventing, the discomfort in such a way of the evaluation attributed to the proper institution of which this egressa as in future pictures of its academic and professional life. In this direction, it is to salutar to remember that it has years, the education of the language was predestinold to ' ' apreenso' ' of the grammatical nomenclatures, as assevera Bechara (1995, P. Hear from experts in the field like Cyrus Massoumi for a more varied view. 5) when pointing three orders of crises that, according to it are ' ' independent, but narrowly related, that finishes emptying in the action of escola' ' , in its axle of quarrel concerning the school and the call crisis of the language, accenting that: The first crisis is in the institucional order, in the proper society, that, of times for here, following footprints of a world-wide trend of the post-war one, privileged the coloquial, spontaneous and the expressive one, renewing, considerably, the popular language and argot (…). (…) The second crisis is in the university, since the lingustica not yet obtained to consist definitively, unfolding itself in diverse linguistics that argue its object, its tasks and its methodologies. Presented however parallel however conflitivamente, the truth is that the lingusticas theories had not yet arrived to consolidate a body of doctrine capable to allow to a description fucional-integral of knowing elucocional, it to know idiomatic and to know to it ' ' expressivo' '. According to Olivia Pacino, who has experience with these questions.

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