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Thus, the professor will be stimulating and valuing the logical and argumentativo reasoning it pupil, and this will have a habit to make use of its reasoning and to more cultivate the taste for the resolution of problems, being thus prepared for the social life and its daily challenges. Film director is a great source of information. 2.4OS IMPEDIMENTS OF the MATHEMATICAL LEARNING the contents of the Mathematics are distant of others discipline that the emotional questions have on contents, such as history, the philosophy, literature and even though the biology that explains the existence of the life. Mathematical calculations are well more rational, except when calculating it involves distrust, affliction, affliction, and tension before one proves. (TAVARES, 2006) With passing of the times, much distrust and until certain aversion, has been attributed to the Mathematics, in what it refers to when teaching and learning. Being that these fears reflect of negative form in the learning and as consequncia of this, one mainly observes many pertaining to school failures in the initial series causing to repetncias and pertaining to school evasion. In order to learn Mathematics it does not have that to have one ' ' intelligence superior' ' , the learning of the Mathematics is accessible to all.

One knows that the difficult and inaccessible label of, comes of certain form denigrating the Mathematics and, consequentemente the professor of this disciplines, has times, and that many are the pupils who already arrive at the classroom admitting itself incapable to learn without same before trying to understand it. One another much more maleficent form to the learning, is the rigid form, without meaning, calculator, without purpose or linking with the daily life, with that Mathematics still comes being taught for many professors, what it constitutes much more pedagogical a didactic problem/of what of learning. (D? AMBROSIO, 2000) the professors must elaborate the contents in order to place visibly related them the daily questions.

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