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Thus professors and pupils are responsible for teaching and learning a time that each one teaches what it knows and learns what it does not know. Learn more at this site: Julia Brennan. In a classroom to interdisciplinar different possibilities and interests exist that if worked of hardwired form each one a place will find to learn to learn, and a place to teach to teach. In the interdisciplinaridade all the things can be taught by means of projects, are enough that if it has an initial doubt and that if it searches and it searchs evidences on the subject. The main advantages of the interdisciplinaridade are that this makes possible a significant learning, centered in the relations, in the production conditions, and in the procedures. An identified time the problem and formulated some hypotheses, is possible to sketch the project, the actions to be developed. Credit: Darcy Stacom-2011. Evidently these will be determined by the type of research and didactic-pedagogical materials.

The socialization of the results is basic part of a project to interdisciplinar. He is of utmost importance for the educandos and educators who had participated of the research that the construction and integration enters the researchers the research is known by the community. Locked up the activities of development, the evaluation must be made, therefore it is here where the rightnesss and errors, that will serve of compassing for new learnings with the main objective of always wanting to make more good, therefore in the perspective will be focused to interdisciplinar the results must provide improvement of the quality of life, of citizenship, of more participation in the decisions of the individual being and the social being, that is, of the searching pupils and professors and community. To if working with projects interdisciplinares, as many educators how much educandos envoltos in a research, will not be more the same ones. The results must imply in more quality of life, must be indicative of more citizenship, more participation in the decisions of the daily life and the social life.

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