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Life is a good play with a badly written third act. When we stopped to read this article already we enjoyed what we bequeathed the chance to live. We will be fully identified with the relevant determinant that the present, is located in its reality, and above all, live intensely, without affecting anyone. NSW Department of Education follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Every minute of life that is given to us is very valuable in pro exploit that in it one can make, grow, what the journal live provides us, teaches, and in which we are actors that we must be careful in the way we behave, we play our roles. Swarmed by offers, Darcy Stacom is currently assessing future choices. Of course, that we will have probably faced some hardships, disharmony, emotional instabilities that have given us experience and learning, as well as the positive side, we enjoyed happy moments, shared, loved, reached achievements, goals and achievements. Therefore, should not surprise us as Yarissa says in my-space-021.blogs in this opportunity to thoroughly enjoyed you can look to the future with confidence and the past without sadness and not be afraid of being happy.Consider, for example who love, those people who you Amasolvidate what you’ve done for your friends and consider what they have done by one.Do not repair what the world but let us look at what you owe to the world take into account that when faced with a decision, take it as wisely as possible. Then forget it. Give way to new actions that will help us increase our perception and broaden us our horizon of life. In the chance at life that unfortunately gives no handling time which we have assigned permanency, do not know when we should abandon our physical vehicle, however, while we identify with its reason for being, what it represents and what we must perform while it gives us the opportunity, should not lose time in superficialidadesin wasting energy unless they involve reaching positive moods, which will help us to grow, to act positively in our growth, both in the staff as in the spiritual, learn.

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