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To the end of the romance the two narratives if confluem: of the boy without memory to the search of the parents and the young, which belongs daily, in search of the human values and the true one felt of the life. the boy estremece as if was born for one second time. Of its hand they overthrow notebooks. Moved for a wind that was born not of air but of the proper soil, the leves if spread for the road. For more specific information, check out Darcy Stacom. Then, the letters, one for one, if go converting into grains of sand and, to the few, all my writings if they go transforming into land pages. (COUTO, 1992. pag 204) histories if lock up alegoricamente transmitting the learning and the relation of world of oldest with new. This teaching is concentrated, great part, in the use of the sayings, a time that if appropriate of the tradition of the verbal narratives and also of the stories that if adaptam to modernity.

‘ ‘ – I am to say it to it, small: we go to install house here exactly. – But here? In one machimbombo all set on fire? – You do not know nothing, small. What already it is burnt does not come back arder.’ ‘ (COUTO, 1992. pag 10) the personages who more use the oldest sayings to communicate themselves are they are always on to the agricultural world, as Tuahir, Tamo and the Nganga wizard. With its you speak predictive are they who everything know and know what to make at its accurate moment. The saying seems to be one of the ideal forms to fill the paper of starter, who assumes the African writer, to the way counting it of histories, and at the same time it serves to it to characterize the mundivivncia of oldest, in special of the agricultural world. It also has the utility of being a form of narrative control, on the other hand, reiterativo of told history, mote of its opening, or posterior developments of the plot.

(MILK, 2003. pag 46) Beyond what already it was cited previously, the saying still is a economic sort that allows to reflect and to meditar on the way as the personage if it fits culturally. ‘ ‘ Nhamataca is not maluco, not. The man is as the house: ‘ must be seen on the inside; ‘. (COUTO, 1992. pag 97) To understand the recovery of the memory and to make with that the future generations have persistence the same that they had had its ancestor to spread out and to divulge its traditions are of great value to the critics of African literature, a time who emphasize parallels between the writings in European language and the aboriginal orality. He fits to the African writers to keep the same efforts stops with the cultural cause of its country and, thus, giving certain load of autonomy to its workmanships.

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